Wondering How to Be Single? Don't ask Alison Brie

E! News caught up with Alison Wednesday at How to Be Single's New York City premiere at NYU's Skirball Center of Performing Arts, and the actress offered up some surprising tidbits on her impending nuptials. While Alison, along with co-stars Dakota Johnson, Leslie Mann and Rebel Wilson, does indeed address just a few of the many gripes of singledom in the funny flick (online dating and inaptly-timed erections included), the starlet may not be the best source of advice on living single.

In fact, Alison is far from suited to lend her advice on the matter. At least these days. That is, given her engagement to her handsome beau, actor Dave Franco

A topic on which Alison may be more readily capable of dispelling her wisdom? Wedding planning! So, what then is the actress cooking up in that perfectly coiffed and comically-filled head of hers for the big day? Not that much...yet. "We'll get there!" Alison said. 

Dresses and desserts will have to wait. For how long? It's too soon to tell. But one thing is for certain: Alison and her soon-to-be hubby certainly have their fare share of projects to keep them occupied. Guest lists and floral arrangements aside, Alison and Dave are foremost a working couple. And a hard one at that.

"I think we're both just sort of in an intense thing. We're so busy," the actress explained. And understandably so, given the pair's slew of soon-to-be released flicks, including Dave's part aside two other funny men, Zac Efron and Seth Rogen in Neighbors 2. "We're very mellow about the whole thing," Alison added. "We're like it's gonna happen we'll figure it out."

But the question remains, what precisely does Alison have planned with her fiancé for Valentine's Day? "See this movie," of course. "Here in New York. See this movie, have a nice dinner. You know, date night."

What a coincidence, Alison. Us too. We'll be the one's with the hot(ter) date. And yes, he is sour and resembles a bite-sized florescent watermelon. See you there!

You can catch How to Be Single in theaters on Feb. 12. 

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