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We immediately knew why Chris Hemsworth was cast to play hammer-wielding Thor when his older brother, Luke Hemsworth, shared a group photo that put Chris' huge bicep on display, but now we know the truth behind that now-famous photo arm.

Chris made our jaws drop with the size of his bicep—it really was that enormous—but in an interview with Australia's The Project, the Aussie actor revealed it was nothing more than a bit of trickery; he thanked "Photoshop, lighting and certain angles" for bestowing him with muscle mania.

The show's co-host jokingly asked if there was a "new filter" to get those looks, but we doubt your average Mayfair or Valencia filters are going to get you Chris' arms. "Skin and bone under this jacket," Chris quipped.

He can thank his Thor hammer for the extra muscle on the right arm. "The other one is like this," he said, demonstrating how small his other arm is. "It's only half the size. I just favor my right side most of the time." 

Luke had hilariously captioned the photo, "Hey @chrishemsworth do you even lift bro? @lukemun @emerysurfboards." It turns out he just lifts the one!

The handsome star has given fans plenty of looks at his fit body, whether he's hitting the beach for a surf session or merely hanging out with his gorgeous family. But he hasn't always appeared to be so fit. While filming In the Heart of the Sea, Chris had to lose a dramatic amount of weight and shared a scary photo of his gaunt appearance after filming had wrapped.

He revealed to Men's Health that at one point his diet consisted of one hard-boiled egg, celery and a "couple of crackers."

"We couldn't go away for a month and get skinny. We had to do it while we were shooting," he said.

Fortunately, he has gained all the weight and muscle back, appearing happy and healthy while hanging out with his friends and family. In other words, he looks #flawless.

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