Jerry Seinfeld invited Will Ferrell to grab coffee with him in the latest episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Wednesday, and the duo rode around in a blue 1970 Plymouth SuperBird, which was perfectly fitting because Will revealed that the car's shade of blue was his "color."

Jerry picked up the Daddy's Home star at a park before making their way to a coffee shop in Venice, Calif. As dads will do, the two men discussed their children. Will revealed that he took his "oldest boy" to a school interview and walked away dazzled by his son's rhetoric.

"He's such a good politician," Will joked. "He says things like, 'I like what your mission statement says.' In sixth grade I wasn't saying things like that."

Intimidated by his son's prowess, the Saturday Night Live alum joked he should have tried a different tactic to assert his own power.

"I should've had a cigar that I keep ignoring them when they keep saying, 'You can't smoke in here,'" he quipped. "'Oh, I didn't hear you,' and let 30 seconds pass," he added, then mimicked a gesture of smoking.

"'Mr. Ferrell, I'm going to ask you for the last time to put the cigar out,'" he added.

Will Ferrell, Jerry Seinfeld


Both Hollywood A-listers, the two comedians discussed the terms "film," "movie" and "picture" and determined "movie is undeniably the least pretentious." But starring in them has its perks.

"Why do people in movies, films or pictures think they're very, very important?" Jerry asked.

"I don't know, but I love it so much," responded Will, laughing.

Ironically enough, Will admitted he rarely sees movies. He even fessed up to never having seen Gravity, Whiplash and other megahits. "I would love to be the one guy that didn't see Gravity," Jerry joked.

The two eventually stopped for coffee, where Jerry and Will talked about their goal weights. "My dream would be 200 [pounds]," said Will after admitting he's about 218 pounds. "I have to work out just to look fat. That's the problem. If I took my shirt of you'd go, 'Oh, that's not so good.'"

"That's why we have shirts!" Jerry added.

To get a glimpse of Will rolling around with a cat toy and hear him call focus groups a "feeding frenzy," watch the episode!

And then get a nostalgic look at Will from 1998.

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