Katie Holmes is on fire.

The actress stars as a woman with bipolarism who falls in love with a fellow patient at a psychiatric hospital in the new indie Touched With Fire and only E! News has an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming drama.

In the film, Holmes' character is asking her mother (Christine Lahti) what specific incident triggered her mental disorder. "The doctor says something has to trigger it, so what was I doing?" she says.

When Lahti insists there "was nothing we could have done. It was going to happen no matter what," Holmes storms off to the other side of the room.

Touched with Fire, Katie Holmes

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"Please just stop lying to me," she says, explaining, "I'm just trying to figure out who I am because I don't feel like myself any more, even when I go off the medication. I don't feel like myself."

Lahti suggests they call her father to help.

"No, mom, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have yelled," Holmes says. "I won't tell again. Don't get dad."

Holmes appears to calm down after Lahti suggests that they visit the hospital the next day to take a look at her medical files. "You can learn anything you want," Lahti says. "You can ask anything, OK? We'll figure all this out."

Touched With Fire is in theaters on Feb. 12.

Holmes' next film is All We Had. Not only is she in the film adaptation of Annie Weatherwax's novel of the same name, but the movie also marks her directorial debut.

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