The Originals Welcomes Back a Fan Favorite—And You're Going to Love This Fun BFF Reunion

Exclusive: Watch Danielle Campbell's Davina reunite with bestie Josh in E! News' sneak peek of Friday's episode

By Jean Bentley Feb 03, 2016 4:00 PMTags

You know what sucks more than losing your position as supreme witch leader of New Orleans (a.k.a. Regent)? Being shunned by all of your former constituents. Things aren't going so well for Davina (Danielle Campbell) on The Originals now that she's lost all her political power.

But true friends don't go anywhere, so it shouldn't be a surprise that Josh (Steven Krueger) is ready to throw down for his BFF. E! News has an exclusive sneak peek from Friday's episode, "Wild at Heart," which sees the vampire stick up for his witch bestie.

The episode will see a desperate Davina presented with a way to get a tiny bit closer to a reunion with her deceased boyfriend, Kol, which showrunner Michael Narducci tells us is the teen witch's ultimate goal.


"Her number one drive is, 'I got into this mess being Regent because I wanted the power to locate and find and resurrect my boyfriend, this guy I fell in love with who I believed that I can trust,'" he says. "She is going to reach out to that person in a very major way and we may in fact be seeing in some form, which I cannot say, a reconnection between Davina and Kol."

Of course, Marcel and Vincent conspired to have her shunned in the first place, mostly for her safety. "[They knew] that if she stayed regent of the New Orleans witches she would be very much in danger she would have a target on her back," Narducci says. "She disappeared for a while—and we wanted her to disappear so that we could get a sense of [the idea that] being shunned sucks because nobody is talking to you and you don't have any power anymore you don't have any political sway or any influence. She is almost like a homeless teen living in New Orleans trying to get by."

Don't worry—it's been a while, but "she is going to make a comeback in a big way," Narducci promises.

The Originals now airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on The CW.