What do you get when you cross an onion, a whole lot of sparkle, and one lengthy tattoo?

The answer to that question is either one smelly night of regrets or 20 seasons of TV's best reality show, The Bachelor

We're deep in the throes of season 20 right now, and we took a moment to think about those contestants who really made an impression on us with their strange behavior, possibly fake medical emergencies, and legendary speeches that we never want to forget. 

In fact, we're in the process of tattooing Lace's quote about her tattoo on our lower backs right now! 

While we smile through that pain, click play on the video above to find out which Bachelor lady takes the top spot in our ranking of the most bizarre contestants in the show's history!

Oh how we've missed seeing your face every week, Ashley S. Oh how we hoped to never see you again, Kelsey Poe

Here's to another glorious 20 seasons of insanity on The Bachelor!

We'll just let the latest contender for the next ranking see you out...

Bachelor GIFs


The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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