Kelly Clarkson Gives Birth to Son Remington Alexander Blackstock

Singer welcomes bouncing baby boy into the world

By Kendall Fisher Apr 14, 2016 2:38 PMTags

Kelly Clarkson and her husband, Brandon Blackstock, have finally welcomed their bouncing baby boy into the world!

The singer gave birth to her second child Tuesday. "Our little baby boy has arrived!!" Clarkson tweeted Thursday. "Remington Alexander Blackstock was born 4/12/16 & he is healthy & we couldn't be happier or more in love!"

Clarkson first announced her pregnancy during a Los Angeles concert in October, taking everyone (including her hubby) by surprise. She told the crowd, "This is not how I wanted to announce [that I'm pregnant]. My makeup artist is backstage hating me. I didn't want you to think I'm on pills or something."

She continued, "I would like to apologize to my husband. This was not planned. I'm just so hormonal. Everything is great, I haven't vomited yet. That's a win y'all."

The singer was referencing the severe struggle she faced during her complicated first pregnancy with River Rose.


"I vomit a good dozen times a day. It's, like, bad. I vomited before coming out here," the American Idol winner said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in December 2013. "I'm not even kidding. It's so bad. It's so bad. It's, like, so gross. And that's the thing, too: You're not attractive when you're pregnant."

She continued, "Everybody tells you [that] you glow and your hair is pretty and your nails are pretty. That is total crap. My nails are short, my hair still falls out—it's not all lush and beautiful—and I have no glow. Unless it's, like, something left over from a bad throw up. It's horrible."


Thus, Clarkson made sure she was extra prepared for her second pregnancy.

In an interview with CBS This Morning in November, she said, "I'm familiar with all-day sickness. I have to get IVs and fluids because I get so dehydrated. It's really bad."

Well, we're excited to hear that the new mama-of-two is staying healthy now after giving birth. Congrats to Clarkson and her growing family!