Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump

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Let's get political, shall we?

Whether you're a fan of the topic or not, there's no running away from the fact that we're about to elect a new president soon, especially since a number of stars have gotten political themselves and, therefore, blurred the line between pop culture and politics.

After a number of debates, Twitter endorsements, fundraisers and hoopla, we prepare for the official start of the 2016 presidential primary season with tonight's Iowa caucus. If you're unsure about what that means and just find yourself giggling at the way that word sounds (no judgment), we'll explain.

Basically, Republican and Democratic voters come out to select candidates for their respective party, ultimately resulting in the first state to decide who it selects for the two parties' nominations. Only a few states hold a caucus instead of an actual primary, and we could get more into that, but it's Monday and that alone is hard enough to tackle.

In anticipation of seeing who the Hawkeye State deems as its two presidential hopefuls, let's see which celebs have come out and endorsed Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and other hopefuls.

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