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There's no Academy Award for "Best Keg Stand," but if there were, it would go to Tina Fey for Sisters.

Hands down.

On Sunday, Hollywood will gather to honor achievements in film-making at the 2016 Oscars.

There will be tears and beautiful acceptance speeches.

There will be reels and clips looking back at the cinematic highlights of the past year.

Mad Max: Fury Road GIF

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Unfortunately, the metal, flamethrower guitarist shredding ax in Mad Max: Fury Road will not be winning a trophybecause there's no Oscar for Biggest Bad Ass.

Ahead of the awards ceremony, we would like to celebrate the epic movie moments that will not be honored at Oscars 2016.

We're not talking snubs.

These are the cool things that happened in movies that there simply aren't Oscars for (yet.)

Ex Machina GIF

Universal Studios

We're suckers for killer dance sequences, and the past year in movies had plenty of good ones.

Oscar Isaac's moves in Ex Machina were totally unexpected in the sci-fi thriller.

"I'm gonna tear up the f--king dance floor, dude. Check it out," Isaac says while shaking it in that sexy deep V-neck.

This is our pick, for sure, for Best Spontaneous Dance Party.

Magic Mike XXL GIF

Warner Bros

Lest we forget, Magic Mike XXL featured several notable (and naughty) dance scenes.

As for Best Convenience Store Pelvic Thrust of the year?

We're giving this one to Joe Manganiello.

His sexy striptease to the Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way" is everythingwho knew a man covered in Cheetos and water could be so damn fine?

Mission: Impossible 5 GIF

Paramount Pictures

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation had the stunt everyone was talking about last summer.

Tom Cruise rode the side of a plane like an actual superhero.

(Note: He's not even a superhero in those movies, just one heck of a celeb stuntman.)

Sickest Plane Stunt of the Year? More like Sickest Plane Stunt Ever.

Furious 7 GIF

Universal Pictures

Furious 7 almost gave the fifth installment of Mission Impossible a run for its money on cool plane stunts (for those skydiving cars.)

However, we would instead like to nominate the film for Achievements in Double-Skyscraper Jumps, thanks to that action sequence where a sports car soars through two Abu Dhabi skyscrapers like it's no big deal.


Furious 7 GIF

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Though there are many Furious 7 moments deserving of special accolades, the other scene we would like to recognize is the Best Hospital Discharge Scene of the year.

When Dwayne Johnson finds out his services are needed by Vin Diesel & co., he utters the line "daddy's gotta go to work," then busts out of an arm cast and leaves.

No one is doing that in any of the Best Picture nominated films this year—but it's pretty amazing.

Spy GIF, Melissa McCarthy

Twentieth Century Fox

Sticking with stunts, we have to give it up to the hilarious Melissa McCarthy and her motorbike work in Spy.

There are plenty of signature McCarthy pratfalls in the underrated action-comedy film, too, but it's her on-the-road scenes that had us cracking up the most.

She's a physical comedy queen.

Jurassic World GIF


Moving on to Best Raptor Wrangler, Jurassic World's Chris Pratt deserves this honor for his meme-worthy moments in the summer blockbuster.

Dino-myte work, Chris!

It's never easy working with extinct creatures that aren't actually there, yet the Parks and Recreation star made his relationship with his raptor squad totally believable.

Star Wars, The Force Awakens, GIF


Finally, the Best Breakout Droid performance goes to the lovable fan favorite BB-8 for that dynamic droid debut in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Lovable, loyal, and super-cute, the tiny droid quickly achieved the level of fame first enjoyed by the legendary C-3PO and R2-D2.

Now BB-8's the hot new droid in the game. It's time to recognize.

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