Azealia Banks Won't Face Criminal Charges for Allegedly Assaulting Bouncer at L.A. Club

L.A. city attorney tells E! news there wasn't "sufficient evidence"

By Francesca Bacardi Feb 01, 2016 5:36 PMTags
Azealia BanksCassandra Hannagan/Getty Images

Azealia Banks has scored a victory.

The 24-year-old musician won't be facing criminal charges for an incident that took place last October. Banks was alleged to have assaulted a bouncer at a Los Angeles nightclub, but the L.A. city attorney dismissed the charges Monday because "there was no sufficient evidence," E! News confirms.

Banks became disruptive at Break Room 86, and when security asked her to leave the premises, she reportedly pulled the fire alarm on her way out, per security video footage. She also allegedly attacked a bouncer before leaving. The case was dropped because the criminal complaint only listed Banks when multiple people were actually involved in the incident. What's unclear, however, is who actually initiated the fight.

This isn't Banks' first scuffle with the law; she was arrested in mid-December for allegedly assaulting a female security guard and biting her breast at New York City's Up & Down.

The New York Police Department told us at the time that Banks was escorted out of the venue "when she became verbally abusive and began to push the victim and bit victim on the breast causing swelling and redness."

Authorities added that she "was arrested and charged with assault, disorderly conduct and harassment," and all because she tried to break into a party she wasn't invited to (but did attend with an invited guest). A source explained to E! News that when she tried to go downstairs to the party, security turned her away and told her she had to have a stamp to enter. Banks got upset about this but still managed to get a stamp and gain access into the private party.

Once inside security didn't recognize her as a celebrity, which we're told offended the musician and launched her tirade.

At least she has one legal snafu behind her.

Hear about another star's recent arrest in the video below.