Lipstick Jungle


Is there any hope for Lipstick Jungle?

Nearly a month after the news first broke that the series may be a goner, scores of you fans are still emailing in—daily—to ask about the show's fate.

Well, we just checked in with highly placed sources who work on the show, not to mention the fabulous Brooke Shields herself, and there is some good news...

"We're still going," Brooke tells us. "We're still airing, we're still on at 9 on Friday. I know that they've kept the sets up, and in all senses of the word, we're still going."

And according to a high-placed source who works on Lipstick: "I know that they have addressed the back nine...just as far as having Oliver Goldstick, our show runner, start to flesh those episodes out. So there is a game plan for our back nine."

NBC insiders say that a decision on Lipstick's fate will come soon, and naturally, will depend on how the ratings are swinging. The season started off with about 5 million viewers, then hovered around 3.5 million for a few weeks, but it has bounced back somewhat in the most recent airing (Dec. 12) with 3.8 million viewers.

A well-placed source close to the decision tells us LJ needs to pull in about a million more viewers during the final two episodes to be considered for reneweal.

Brooke tells us: "I think our biggest problem is that on DVR and TiVo, we've got such huge numbers, but then in the live [ratings], I guess advertisers aren't happy with that that. So they have to figure out how to reconcile that."

There currently are two more episodes left of Lipstick Jungle:  Jan. 2 and Jan. 9 on NBC.

So you know what that means: Only two chances left to try and make a mark on the ratings by telling your friends, colleagues and your mailman to watch.

And you should also know that Brooke and the rest and the cast and crew are most assuredly touched by the fantastic support that has been shown so far.

"The amount of lipstick tubes that have come to the set—they have literally been coming in blocks," Brooke says. "I was amazed by the outcry when they thought we were canceled. They started sending out lipsticks, so it's out there, we have the audience. It's just people have to watch it live, and then watch it on TiVo."

You heard the woman.

You can send your letters of support and/or lipstick to:

Jeff Zucker, c/o NBC
30 Rockefeller Plaza, Suite 2502 E
New York, NY 10112

And post your support below. The suits are watching!

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