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NeNe Leakes' big surprise appearance may have been the draw, but the main event on tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was a particularly nasty fight between Kenya Moore and Kim Fields.

And we can add Jamaica to the list of trips that Kenya's ruined on by her inability to get along with, say, anybody. Things soured pretty darn quick once the group touched down on the island when Phaedra Parks forced Cynthia Bailey to break the news to Kenya that Kim was taking charge of the big commercial on her own—on the ride to the hotel from airport.

That's right—they hadn't even had a chance to unpack before getting into it.

The fireworks really began during Cynthia's meeting with Kim and Kenya after checking in at the hotel, during which three universal truths were reinforced. 1. Kenya is unbelievably petty. 2. Kim is unbelievably calm in the face of pettiness. And 3. Cynthia is unbelievably spineless in the face of pettiness that she could've easily shut down.

How petty was Kenya? Well, she accused her BFF Cynthia of being unprofessional for going with Kim's pitch on the commercial without hearing Kenya's, you know, after Kenya completely flaked on the pitch meeting. Then, she went after Kim's expertise, questioning how many commercials she'd directed. Then, she told Kim everyone calls her a snooze-fest behind her back. And she followed that up with getting up and actually pulling Kim's chair away from the table while Kim still happened to be sitting in it.

How calm was Kim? She never raised her voice at Kenya, despite having plenty of reason to. She refused to stoop to Kenya's level, ignoring her petty demands about hearing Kim's resume. And she simply removed herself from the situation altogether once Kenya entered into her space.

Meanwhile, Cynthia just sat there and watched the whole thing unfold, never once opening her mouth and telling her supposed friend something as honest and easy as, "I made a decision and you need to get over it." Instead, she let Kenya run roughshod over Kim, only scolding Kenya for not being nice once Kim had escaped from the insanity on her own.

NeNe Leakes, Real Housewives of Atlanta


But Kenya's pettiness and Cynthia's spineless behavior didn't stop there. No, once she surprised the girls with NeNe at dinner right after Kim and Kenya's big blowout, Kenya continued to act sour, telling the table "I would like to just take one of these lanterns and set my ass on fire than talk about this" when Peter asked what her beef with Kim was really about.

"Someone give her the motherf--king lantern," Peter replied, speaking on behalf of everyone watching, probably.

As Kim began to explain her side of things, Kenya just up and left the table like the rational, respectful adult she is, taking her gym boyfriend Matt with her. The whole table began to question if maybe she was so upset because she expected her BFF Cynthia to just take her side, no matter what. The reality of Kenya and Cynthia's relationship as described by everyone at the table being a surprise to her, NeNe forced Cynthia to clarify the situation.

"Kenya and I are still getting to know each other," she told NeNe, giving her what she wanted to hear, however dishonest it may be. "Our friendship is still growing."

Proving to be one of the more rational people in the situation, Kim's husband Chris laid it out for Cynthia plainly: "As boss, you're the only one that can crush all of this energy. Simply go to Kenya and say I made a decision and I need you as my friend to live with it."

"And also say, ‘You're not my BFF,'" NeNe added.

Naturally, the way Cynthia characterized their relationship made its way to Kenya the very next morning, prompting another summit between the two where Kenya explained how hurt she was and Cynthia attempted to downplay exactly what she said. Kenya wouldn't let it go, eventually forcing Cynthia to say flat out: "In my mind, we're not best friends yet."

That may have been the end of the episode, but this drama is far from over. As the look at next week's episode showed, Kenya's pettiness isn't going anywhere. We just hope the people of Jamaica were warned beforehand.

Spare Parts:

- Don't mess with Kim Fields: "I still have my Jesus with me, so I'm not gonna knock a bitch upside her head, but had she touched me, y'all would've seen a whole 'nother side of Kim Fields." 

- Sheree bringing Bob along the trip was quite the surprise, considering how nasty things were between the exes before she left the series a few years ago. "Lately, we're been working on being better friends for our kids. He's trying to get back into my life, but he's going to need to work for it." Don't do it, Sheree! Remember how he refused to pay you child support? He's not worth your time!

- Was there anything more disgusting than seeing Matt feed Kenya that banana? No, there wasn't.

- Chris is smart and levelheaded, so naturally Kenya's going to insinuate that he's gay next week. Kenya really is the worst.

- The poetic stylings of Porsha Williams: "Tweedle dee, tweedle dum, I ain't playing with her thumb." 

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

(E! and Bravo are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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