Move over Budweiser Clydesdales! You're officially out, and this adorable family of golden retrievers is in. 

We're of course talking about commercial stars. That adorable horse, with his flowing golden locks and all, has basically had a stronghold as the apple of TV watchers' eyes for years. But now Subaru has resurfaced its much-loved Barkley family. The newest ads, which will play during the 2016 Puppy Bowl, dropped today to our collective awwws.

The first, and arguably the sweetest, features Papa Barkley driving around the neighborhood trying to get his puppy to go to sleep. We all know what that's like! Dog parents just want some peace and quiet. And a bone, or something.

Of course that's not all we get of the Barkley family. They have full dog lives, and that includes doing all sorts of things in their Subaru. Like trying to get the darn GPS to understand where they need to go. We're not sure where Subaru picked up this gang of pups, but we wouldn't mind being a fly on the wall during filming; just how is it that you get a dog to drive in the first place?

All in all, we're not sure how effective the commercials are going to be for selling Subarus (which is the point, after all), but we do know that we're going to spend the rest of the day looking up Golden Retrievers on PetFinder.

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