Stars Who Never Age, Face Splits

Happy National Backward Day! In honor of this ridiculous holiday, we put together a mind-blowing gallery of celebrities who literally look like they've aged backward. For real, you're going to trip. Our special photo wizards crafted these epic split screen pics that compare celebs today with their faces years before. We don't know what kind of diamond-encrusted, caviar-riddled face creams these ageless babes are using, but we needed it, like, yesterday. Put on your backward pants and enjoy the stars we've rounded up for your viewing pleasure. Day Backward National happy! God, we're clever.

Jennifer Lopez, Stars Who Never Age, 15 Year Difference

WireImage, Getty Images

1. Jennifer Lopez. We literally cannot tell which photo was taken during her Sean John crop top era and which was taken now. How is it that 15 years have gone by between each photo!? 

Will Smith, Stars Who Never Age, 14 Year Difference

Getty Images

2. Will Smith. True story: there is a 14-year age difference between these two pictures of our favorite fresh prince. GAWD. Please let us get jiggy with whatever under eye cream you're using. 

Sofia Vergara, Stars Who Never Age, 13 Year Difference

Getty Images, FilmMagic

3. Sofía Vergara. We're just going to wear a bag on our head forever. We can only pray we look this good in 13 years. 

Reese Witherspoon, Stars Who Never Age, 13 Year Difference


4. Reese Witherspoon. How is it possible the only thing that's changed on her face after all these years is her lip color? Just like Sofía, there is a 13-year age difference between the pic on the left and the snap on the right. 

Keanu Reeves, Stars Who Never Age, 12 Year Difference

Getty Images

5. Keanu Reeves. This is some straight witchcraft. 12 years have gone by between these two snaps! Those Keanu immortality conspiracy theories are real, y'all. 

How do you think these stars look as young as they do? Give us your insight in the comments. Also please recommend an anti-aging cream we can use too. 

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