McDonald's Egg McMuffin, hash browns

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Praise be to hash browns! This is fantastic news, you guys.

When McDonald's launched its highly anticipated all-day breakfast menu late in 2015, there was much rejoicing. Finally, you no longer had to ignore any and all traffic laws and basic hygiene routines to get to nearest McDonald's in time to get that Egg McMuffin you've been craving since midnight. You can get it whenever you want now!

And this move has paid off for McDonald's big time. Recently, the fast food company announced a 5.7 percent sales increase. There was just one catch with the all-day breakfast plan; the options available to customers after the breakfast hour were limited and varied in certain parts of the country. Basically, if you wanted a biscuit sandwich at 8 p.m., you better live in the South.

Mostly, people were pissed that McGriddles were not offered during the day. Well, that might change in the near future and we anticipate a collective sigh of relief once McDonald's officially announces it.

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McDonald's will reportedly start offering McGriddles at all hours in 72 locations in Oklahoma as sort of a test run before expanding to the rest of the country. The reason the breakfast menu has been so limited is to cut down on preparation time and space used during the daytime rush. Now, it looks like McDonald's has heard the cries of frustrations over the lack of McGriddles and will be attempting to remedy the situation.

Because honestly, how can you have an all-day breakfast menu without that sweet, savory, syrup-y sandwich? It's like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife…wait, that's not right. Whatever, our point is that not having McGriddles really sucks.

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