Sunday's Keeping Up With the Kardashians took a very emotional turn.

During the episode, the Kardashians found out that Lamar Odom was found unconscious in Las Vegas. Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner flew to be at his side and filming was suspended for two weeks.

When filming picked up again, the Kardashians gave an update on Lamar and Kris reveals what one doctor told him about his condition when he entered the hospital.

What did the doctor say?

Check out the Keeping Up With the Kardashians recap below to find out and to see what else happened on the latest episode!



1. Khloe Says "Being Fat" Prevented Her From "Being a Whore in Life:"

Khloe, Kim and Kylie Jenner are joking around about nicknames when Kim calls Khloe "Khloe blowie."

"That wasn't my name in high school, that was another Khloe's name is high school," Khloe tells them. "Rob told my dad that my nickname was ‘Khloe Blowie' and I was like ‘that was not me, I'm the fat one who's gonna want blowjobs from the fat girl?'"

Khloe then goes on to say, "Being fat really saved me from being a whore in life though you guys. Being fat and then being married… like I respect Lamar because he still liked me fat, which is like I appreciate that."

"That's what his hold has been over you this whole time?" Kim asks.

"That's a big deal when a cool person likes you at your worst," Khloe says.



2. Kris Talks About Marrying Her Boyfriend Corey Gamble:

Kris agrees to go on her friend Heather McDonald's podcast and the two sit down to chat about Kris' life, including her relationship with Corey Gamble.

"If your boyfriend Corey's name was spelled with a 'K' would you be married?" Heather asks.

"No," Kris laughs.

"Would you ask him to marry you?" Heather asks.

"No," Kris laughs again.

Kris goes on to say, "Corey and I have been seeing each other for about a year and it's really great but it's really different. I'm so used to being married, I just came out of a 23-year relationship, I don't really know how to be a girlfriend."

Heather then asks Kris if she's pregnant and Kris tells Heather "absolutely not."

Does she think six kids is enough?

"I think six is fine for any human being," Kris says. "Yeah, I'm all good in that department."



3. Kim Sees a Specialist to Check Up on Her Baby:

Since Kim has had pregnancy complications in the past, she goes to a specialist to check up on her second pregnancy.

"So because I've had pregnancy issues in the past, I'm at a specialist's office who just kind of checks for everything a little bit deeper than my gynecologist really does can."

The doctor checks up on Kim and the baby and makes sure everything is going well. She tells Kim that the baby is "proportionate" and says "I think that's just what we're going for."

Kim then says, "I think this pregnancy is way more scary to me because of the medical issues I had before but the doctor said everything's fine and I look really healthy and I'm just gonna try to have a positive attitude and not really worry about is as much."



4. Corey Is Worried About Kris' Health:

Kris has been working a lot lately and Corey is worried about her health. He sits down with Kris and tells her he has to talk to her.

"Babe you've been like working so crazy and I'm concerned about your stress levels," Corey says. "It's one thing to be a workaholic and make all the success and the business, but if your a-- is not healthy all that s--t is for zero."

"Yeah," Kris responds while continuing to look at her phone.

"Well do you agree with me because I'm telling you we need to relax," Corey says.

"But I can't just stop, you know?" Kris tells Corey.

"Yeah but you gotta take a chill pill," Corey says.

"Some days I just have to work until it's done and then the travel, I think it's just the travel's killing me," Kris says.

Corey tells Kris she has "high tension" and "high stress" and "that's not good."

Corey then tells Kris' assistant that they have to make sure Kris is "relaxing in between all this hard a-- work."

Kris then says, "Corey needs to understand I manage a lot of people and he can't change that. It's a deal breaker."

5. Kim Tells Khloe That Scott Disick's in Rehab:

After having a talk with Scott Disick, Kim tells Khloe that he's entered rehab. When Kim tells Khloe the news, she looks shocked.

Watch the video above to see Khloe's reaction and find out what she had to say about Scott's decision!



6. Kris and Kourtney Talk About Lamar's Health:

Halfway through the episode a message pops up that says, "On October 13, 2015, Lamar Odom was hospitalized after being found unconscious in Las Vegas. Khloe, Kim and Kris immediately flew to be with him while he was placed on life support. Out of love and respect for Lamar and the family, filming of Keeping Up With the Kardashians was stopped for a brief period. After 7 days, Lamar was airlifted back to Los Angeles for continued treatment."

Two weeks later, filming resumes and Kourtney visits Kris and asks her about Lamar.

"How was the transfer to LA?" Kourtney asks.

"It was like I felt like helpless, it was really crazy," Kris says. "I'm so overwhelmed with what's going on with Lamar, it's heartbreaking, heartbreaking. I don't think I've ever felt so powerless and it makes me really sad."

Kris goes on to say, "First of all we had to find a helicopter that was big enough for him because he's so tall. Once they secured that they took him upstairs on the roof, put him in the helicopter."

When the helicopter took off, Kris went to the airport, hopped on a plane and landed back in LA before Lamar and Khloe did. Kris then tells Kourtney she went to the hospital and "met all the doctors" and then got Lamar settled when he arrived.

Kris then went home but Khloe stayed.

"I feel like relieved that he's here," Kourtney says and Kris agrees.

"Khloe has been spending every second in the hospital with Lamar, by his side and she feels guilty for needing to leave even if it's to take a shower," Kourtney explains.

"Right now they have to stabilize all of his organs and they want to do another MRI, they want to make sure that the dialysis is under control," Kris says. "Because the strokes are you know debilitating and they don't know yet how he's gonna respond to all of it. But I think just him hearing all of our voices and seeing us and having family around is healthy and might make a difference."



7. Kanye West Throws a Suprise Birthday Party for Kim:

"Even though Kim really didn't want a big birthday party because of her being so pregnant and with everything going on with Lamar, Kanye still wanted to celebrate her so he's throwing this surprise party," Kourtney explains.

Kourtney also says that Kanye had the entire movie theater transformed for the party and had everyone dress like Kim and put on fake baby bumps so Kim "felt more comfortable."



8. Kris Reveals What a Doctor Told Her About Lamar:

At the surprise party, one of Kim's best friends Allison Statter asks Kris about Lamar.

"Is he like conscious?" Allison asks.

"He's in and out right now," Kris says. "But he had dialysis for like six hours and now that everybody knows where he is and the phone didn't stop ringing. So I'm like calling the hospital, 'Turn off the phones! Don't put another call through!'"

"Oh my God," Allison says.

"Khloe hasn't slept in over a week, she did not leave his side one time," Kris says. "I don't even know if she's had a shower yet. She's just not gonna leave."

"Does he know that she's there?" Allison asks.

"Yeah he knows," Kris says. "I looked at him and I said 'Hi!' and he goes 'Hi ma!'"

Kris then says, "The doctor at the last hospital said, 'He basically came in here dead.' The fact that he's alive is like a miracle. A miracle."

Later on, Kim reveals that Khloe has called off her divorce to Lamar.

"She has been by Lamar's side and Lamar isn't really in a place where he can really make these decisions," Kim says. "So I think it's just the best decision for Khloe to make the best medical decisions for Lamar."

9. Caitlyn Jenner Tells Kylie She Was Only Born to ''Keep Kendall Company:''

Caitlyn Jenner, Kylie, Tyga and some friends are sitting down eating at Kim's party when they get on the subject of having kids close in age.

Watch Kylie's reaction when Caitlyn tells her the real reason she and Kris Jenner had her in the video above!



10. Kim Visits Scott in Rehab, Gives Kourtney an Update on Her Ex:

Kim decides to visit Scott in rehab with the kids while Kourtney stays behind. After her visit, Kim comes back and tells Kourtney how it was "really good."

Kim goes on to say, "I don't think Kourtney is really ready to see Scott at this point and that's OK she doesn't have to be. Whatever works for her she should definitely do, you know she has to also make herself happy and kinda take care of herself."

Kourtney's kids went to see Scott too and Kim tells Kourtney, "The kids were like so excited to see him. They went into his room, he wanted to show them his room. The wall had a picture of Reign, Mason and P in there and Mason was so excited to see a picture of himself, like 'Daddy that's me!'"

"That's good," Kourtney says.

"Yeah it was like fun," Kim says.

"I am happy and thankful that Kim took the kids to see Scott," Kourtney says. "I think it was good for all of them."

Kim then tells Kourtney that Scott "seemed great" and he was "so much more excited and into it."

"Just like happy about life?" Kourtney asks.

"Yeah," Kim tells her.

Kourtney then tells Kim, "He sent me an email today and just said, 'I would love to see you if you would be interested in participating in some of the therapy or something.' Yeah so I haven't responded but..."

Kourtney says that she's "really proud of Scott for going to rehab and making an effort to get help" but she's "not ready to go visit."

She then says to Kim, "I hope that after 30 days that he'll feel good and like want to stay."



11. Corey Takes Kris to Get a Massage:

Kris continues to overwork herself, so Corey decides to do something special for her. During the middle of the day, he tells Kris to come with him and surprises her with a massage at the Four Seasons Hotel.

"How about this?" Corey says. "Not bad for a lunch break."

"I like this lunch break," Kris says.

After their massages, Corey and Kris sit down and he tells her that in 2016 he wants her to "focus on yourself" and Kris agrees.

Watch the season 16 premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians Sunday, Mar. 31 at 9 p.m., only on E!

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