Kristin Cavallari

Lilly Lawrence/Getty Images

It's been a rough couple of months for Kristin Cavallari.

Not only did the fashion designer and mother-of-three devastatingly lose her brother, Michael, in December, but she was also injured in a car accident last week.

After being struck by another vehicle in Chicago on Thursday, she suffered from a dislocated elbow. A source tells E! News, "She's in a lot of pain. A lot. Pain in her elbow," adding, "The saddest part is she can't hold the baby [Saylor], and she's having a hard time breast feeding because of her injury. It's been really challenging."

Despite the unfortunate series of events, however, Kristin is keeping her chin up. The insider notes, "She's putting a smile on her face and doing her best to keep going, but it's not easy."

In fact, the former Hills star took to Instagram to open up a bit about her the last few months and her newfound ‘'appreciation for life.''

"Sorry-gonna get corny on u for a second," she wrote beside a photo of herself on Wednesday. "I dislocated my elbow in a car accident last week and because of that, and everything else I've been through in the past couple months, I have such an appreciation for life. I am so thankful it wasn't worse, and more importantly that my babies weren't with me."

She continued, "My arm hurts like a bitch but I'm thankful because I have my arm!! Shot my spring shoe look book today and even though I could barely move my arm, I am forever grateful for being here to shoot it."

She's gained a little bit of strength in her arm over the week of recovery and was finally able to hold Saylor for the first time on Thursday—another adorable moment she captured on Instagram.

"Morning snuggles with my girl," Kristin wrote beside the cute photo, cuddling her wee one. "First time I've been able to hold her by myself in a week. #GirlsTrip #LA."

We're so happy to see her recovering!

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