What's opening first: Ben Higgins' heart or eyes?

All season long, fans have been left wondering why Ben has yet to send Olivia home on The Bachelor, as her behavior has become increasingly erratic over the course of the first four episodes. While she received the First Impression rose in the premiere, Ben has seemed frustrated by her antics, which include complaining to him about how she hates her legs just after two people close to him died and jumping out of a cake in front of a live audience in Las Vegas and calling it her talent.

And in E! News' exclusive promo for Monday's episode, it seems like the ladies might finally have had enough of Olivia's antics. But has Ben? "Tonight, I need to say goodbye," he says...but is he actually talking about Olivia or another one of the ladies?!

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In the exclusive video, it's clear that the rest of the contestants are so over Olivia, with Leah saying, "She's definitely acting more erratic," while the remaining twin (Is it Haley? Or is it Emily? Does it really matter?) adds, "She bullies all of us girls!"

All of this leads to the promo asking, "When will Ben wake up and smell the Olivia?" (A dig at her supposed bad breath? Ouch!) According to Olivia, he won't, as she confidently says, "Olivia is here to stay" before sniffing a rose.  

Aside from all of the Olivia drama going down, Monday's episode will find Ben and the 11 remaining ladies taking their first international trip of the season, jetting off to Mexico City. While there, single mom Amanda will finally get a one-on-one date with Ben, while some of the other ladies will attempt to learn Spanish and use it to their advantage on a group date. In the episode's other one-on-one date, teacher and aspiring soccer mom Lauren H. will walk the runway with Ben during a show at Mexico City's Fashion Week. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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