Selena Gomez Good For You Parody


Defeat looks like a guy writhing on a couch, dressed like Selena Gomez.

Fantasy football leagues have all sorts of different prizes: Money, trophies, bragging rights, but they usually have one thing in common for the league loser... humiliation.

Bros don't let bros get away with a bad draft.

That's what happened after Daniel Domnitch, 24, came last in his league this year.

Selena Gomez Good For You Parody


This week the New York Giants fan posted a shot-for-shot YouTube parody of Selena Gomez's "Good For You" music video, with the caption: "Daniel lost in fantasy football. Daniel had to make a music video. Daniel stinks."

The reason?

"I got too cute," Domnitch said of his draft picks. "I tried to be one year too early on all my players, and it backfired across the board."

His league formed in 2008 out of a core group of high school friends.

Their winner's trophy is a wrestling championship belt, but Domnitch is the first person to actually follow through with a league punishment.

"I'm usually at the front of the league standings, so I wanted to show them this year that I would go through with it, if I lost."

Selena Gomez Good For You Parody


Domnitch lost, but the Internet definitely won.

League members signed a contract that the winner could choose a music video for the loser to parody.

After his defeat, Domnitch petitioned to have Gomez's sexy video be the one they picked.

"I told them I thought I could do a really good job," said Domnitch. "I personally think I killed the shower scene."

As for the biggest challenge of being Selena for a day?

"She's mastered the pouty face, and I don't think I pulled it off."

Selena Gomez Good For You Parody


It took the league loser nearly 8 hours shooting in his NYC apartment, with the help of his "production team," a.k.a. his roommates Daniel Schmertz, Harris Rosado, and Jared Zelin, to nail the "Good For You" shoot.

"I think if I say I watched this video 1,000 times it would be an understatement," said Domnitch.

"We watched it clip-by-clip to try and get it on point. I wanted to get the details as closely as I could."

Domnitch revealed the video to his league earlier this week by playing it on the TVs at a sports bar where they were celebrating the season.

Though his friends loved the video and have been supportive, Domnitch has a message for next season: "I'm proclaiming an early victory next year."

That would probably be good for you, Daniel.

But we're ready for a "Hands to Myself" parody next.

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