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Guns N' Roses doesn't miss a thing. 

The acclaimed rock band is reuniting onstage for a series of upcoming concerts in April, but they have made one thing clear—Steven Tyler shouldn't be getting any credit for getting the gang back together. 

The Aerosmith frontman dished on his alleged role in the reunion to Howard Stern during an appearance on his radio show Tuesday, saying "I'm sure I'm not solely [responsible for the band getting back together], but I did meet Axl in a couple of clubs a year ago and two years ago and three years ago."

During his meeting with Axl Rose—the lead vocalist of the group—Tyler claims to have nudged him to set something up with his fellow musical comrades.

"'You've gotta get together. There's a place and time where if you don't, you're gonna miss it,'" Tyler said he told the singer during his conversation with Stern.

Well, his meeting with Rose doesn't smell as sweet to the rest of the group members. The band's Twitter account issued a message to their fans with some not-so-subtle shade on the side. 

"Guns N' Roses would like to respectfully thank the many people taking credit for our upcoming shows and everything in between," the statement reads. "Especially those whom we haven't spoken to in numerous years who, through the power of media, have somehow served a pivotal, even if non-existent role," the tweeted. "We, and the fans thank you!"

This is the most recent start to a Twitter war since hours ago when Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa duked it on the social media platform in an eccentric war of the words

Apparently, West misunderstood the rapper's use of the phrase "KK" on his account for meaning Kim Kardashian—it's actually Khalifa's slang for weed—and went off on the "See You Again" rhymer, taking dramatic shots at his wife Amber Rose, whom West dated before Kardashian, and their 2-year-old son. 

After Twitter nearly set on digital fire, West realized the error of his ways, declared all he wants "is peace and positive energy" and deleted all of the tweets aimed at Khalifa. 

It seems like there's definitely something lurking in the musical water this week. 

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