Selena Gomez


Frayed-hem denim is on the rise—literally. To put things in perspective, check out the hems on Selena Gomez! It's an easy and subtle way to add major style to an everyday outfit. There's just the right amount of ankle exposure without giving off the impression you bought your jeans one size too small.

You can pair them with just about anything (any T-shirt, white blouse, or jacket will do) and same goes for your footwear. Try them with white sneakers on the weekend for maximum comfort then swap those for stylish heels during the week.

ESC, Dare to Wear Frayed Jeans

If you're wondering where you can get yourself a pair, you've got options:

1. Grab a pair of fabric scissors and take them to your favorite pair of jeans. Cut just above the hemline, stick them in the laundry and let your washer do the rest for you.

2. If you don't trust your washing machine, cut your hems with scissors and have a pair of tweezers handy. With them you're going to pull at the small strings of thread and denim until you've achieved the look you were going for.

3. If you don't have the time for a little DIY, head to your favorite store and buy yourself some.

Go ahead and let your hems out!

Forever 21 Ankle Jeans, $29; BlankNYC Crop Boyfriend Jean, $55; Crippen 50 Light Vintage Jean, $225

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