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Expectations were pretty high when Juice Beauty came out with its new organic Phyto-Pigments™ makeup line. What made them even higher? Finding out Gwyneth Paltrow was their creative director. #Casual

Like with most celeb beauty lines, E! Style Collective put the products to the test. Makeup artist to the stars Julianne Kaye brought the line with her to Sundance for a full examination. Note: Winter was in full-force, so depending on your climate results might be slightly different.

The Packaging: At first sight, the packaging "screams organic," noted Julianne. "The silver/grey logo is super simple without being generic, so that's a plus."

There were various products for Julianne to try: the Phyto-Pigments Illuminating Primer, Precision Eye Pencil, Lip Crayon, Liquid Lip and Lip Cream. All of which she wore on separate occasions.

ESC, Juice Beauty

The Phyto-Pigments™ Illuminating Primer: "The primer is super lightweight and non-greasy with a soft luminous finish," she shared. "The luminosity gives you that glow-from-within look even though it's underneath the rest of all your makeup." Basically, this is exactly what your winter beauty routine needs.

The Phyto-Pigments™ Precision Eye Pencil: For starters, she had nothing but great things to say about the "super-rich black, ultra-creamy and blendable" color this comes in. "It's perfect for creating a sexy, smoldering eye. I would use this in the waterline of any eye or to create a smoky-eye look."

The Phyto-Pigments™ Lip Crayon: According to Julianne, "This is the perfect hybrid of a pencil and a creamy lipstick. The shape gives you a little bit more precision than a lipstick and the formula is subtly shiny. It also feels super hydrating." She added, "The colors are perfect for everyday wear."

The Phyto-Pigments™ Liquid Lip: "This looks like a gloss, but acts more like a lipstick," noted the pro. "It's super easy to apply and there are lots of fun colors. It's definitely not a lip paint, but if you could bottle your lipstick into liquid form, this would be it." Anyone else getting excited about this?

The Phyto-Pigments™ Lip Cream: When you think of cream, you think thickness and therefore you imagine whatever it is you apply will have a heavy, caked-on look. With this, however, that's not the case. The expert explained, "There's actually a nice pay-out, and it feels super hydrating so it doesn't get cakey." On top of that, "there's a really great color selection to choose from."

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ESC, Juice Beauty

The Color: Julianne loved all the colors. "There's a really dark lip color called 'Merlot' that felt so current," she said. "They also really outdid themselves when it came to the lip crayon and its nude colors. It's pretty hard to find the perfect nude—I'm really into those muted dead colors."

The Wearability: "I do have to say that the Liquid Lip doesn't stay on for too long, maybe 10 minutes, but if you're okay with reapplying then I would definitely recommend its colors," noted the makeup artist. "As for all the other products, they perform well. No complaints."

The Favorite: There was a clear winner in Julianne's eyes: "Hands down, the Illuminating Primer—I would definitely consider using this on a client."

Final Grade: B+
"Okay, so the lipstick's formula is really great, and I love the ease of the eye pencil; how you twist it. The fact that the Liquid Lip doesn't last is why I docked the grade down, but I still love the Illuminating Primer. That's a huge winner in my eyes."  

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