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Let the countdown to February 11 begin.

If it hasn't already started, that is. Fans (and enemies too, probably) have been anxiously awaiting next month's arrival of Kanye West much-anticipated album for what seems like ages now. After all, it's been almost three years since the rapper has put out a full LP (that would be 2013's Yeezus, of course). He's been keeping the world occupied with surprise song releases and even more surprising $3,000 sweatshirts, but it's time to up the ante.

Now, since this is Kanye West we're talking about, the new album's release has been anything but smooth. The guy changes his mind more times than it's possible to count, and last night brought the latest round of switch-ups. Yeezy posted a flurry of Swish-related tweets during the wee hours, complete with what is now quickly becoming his signature: Pictures of chicken scratch on a notepad. 

Luckily we are fluent in bad handwriting and cryptic note-taking, so we've flushed out all the bits of knowledge we could from last night's Twitter, er, rampage.

1. The album's new name is Waves. For now, that is. We're still almost two weeks away from the release so it's impossible to predict how many more changes of heart 'Ye will have. (Prediction: several).

2. It's going to be the album of the life. Because that's a thing.

3. The track list has two new songs. It appears as though Kanye replaced the original opening song, "Nina Chop," with a new track "Famous." He's also added a final song to the album, supposedly called "Ultra Light Beam." 

4. The Kardashian/Jenner family hung out in the studio a lot. They were even allowed access to the not-so-top-secret track list (a.k.a. that old notepad), marking it with not-cryptic-at-all messages like "Kylie Was Here" and "KoKo Lives." Many music fans are pondering whether the sisters are a good influence on rap music, but we'll just leave that up to the imagination.

5. Waves has the potential to feature an A-list cast of guest stars. The Kards aren't the only famous people who hung out in the recording studio, and we have reason to believe that the other players were a lot more participatory. The big names to look out for on the album's songs include A$AP RockyThe DreamChance the Rapper, and Earl Sweatshirt.

6. The album will be split into three acts. Will anyone besides Kanye himself notice? Probably not.

7. Kanye's really into his birth year. Who knows if this has anything to do with the song material, but look how many times he wrote "1977 kids!"

8. The cover art is still a mystery. Unless this notepad sketch is actually the cover. A gal can dream.

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