Pretty Little Liars, The Gloves Are On


We had questions, and Pretty Little Liars had answers!

While tonight's episode may not have shed some light on all of last week's mysteries, it did explain quite a few things.

Probably the most important non-sexy thing (to us, anyway) is that Emily is not dying, or even sick. She's just extremely broke, and is receiving treatments in order to donate her eggs. Or at least that's what she told Hanna, and hopefully it's true.

The other most important thing is that Spencer and Caleb weren't a thing when the episode started, but they were definitely doing a thing by the time the episode ended. As hard as it is to admit, we might have jumped on the Haleb Who? train headed straight for Spaleb, and we don't want to go back. From the hand-holding to the shoe-kicking set to a sultry cover of "Ring of Fire," we had to fan ourselves. We don't know why we like this pairing so much, but we do. We really, really do. (Think of it this way: Caleb was Hanna's high school boyfriend. It's been years since they were together, Hanna's engaged to someone else, and Spencer asked permission. Nothing sketchy going on here.) 

But let's go back a bit. Everyone's still losing their minds over Charlotte's mysterious death and who might have done it. Everyone seems to think it's Ezra, and he's certainly not working very hard to change their minds. He got scarily angry at all the girls as they tried to confront him and get him to at least confess to self-defense, and kicked them all out of his apartment.

Meanwhile, he was also not writing the book that Aria's boss desperately needed, so Aria sent along some pages she found. Her boss loved them and he seems to have lost all faith in himself, so Aria set about continuing the book herself.  

Spencer, meanwhile, not only got permission from Hanna to explore her feelings for Caleb, but she also dealt with some rude reporter who kept asking questions about Charlotte instead of focusing on her mom's campaign, which was just about forgotten by the time she and Caleb were rolling around on the couch.

Hanna's night did not go quite so well. She was struggling to find a munchkin cat to buy for her boss and clearly didn't really want to give Spencer permission to date Caleb. She also met up with Lucas, who has gone from typical high school geek to rich Palo Alto start-up geek with a fancy car and multiple houses. He helped her out with an alibi when Lorenzo interrogated her about the mysterious deleted hotel tape, and he also let her stay at his swanky apartment, which leads us to feel like something's a brewin' here.

The episode ended with the new A making a move by texting Aria, throwing away a jacket and googling "uniforms," so it looks like we're officially back to a very new beginning.

Pretty Little Liars, The Gloves Are On


While we got a lot of answers tonight, we still have a lot of questions:

Doesn't "uniforms" seem like a weirdly vague Google search? What kind of uniform you looking for, uber A?

Did that text message seem very un-A to you guys? It said "You know who did it and I'm going to make you talk," signed with a devil face. Does this mean the new A didn't kill Charlotte, or the new A didn't send the text message?

Is anyone else kind of done with Sara Harvey? We could not care less about her dumb hands at this point.

How did Aria's sparkly purple travesty of a shirt make it out of the 2002 middle school it was previously trapped in?

Is anyone else tired of everyone suspecting Ezra of things all the time? Then again, this is a guy who deceived his high school student for years (months? Days?) while sleeping with her, and he does have a temper. He's so cute, though!

Are we the only ones thinking Emily's still not telling the whole truth?

Really though, how damn hot were those Spaleb scenes? How much crap will we get for jumping on that ship and abandoning Haleb? Do we care? We are so confused right now.

Who sings that "Ring of Fire" cover, because it's literally fire and we need it immediately.

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Freeform.

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