John Krasinski Reveals How Fatherhood Changed Him and Provided a "New Appreciation for Family"

The Hollars star opens up about his latest movie at the Sundance Film Festival

By Mike Vulpo Jan 26, 2016 9:50 PMTags
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Becoming a father can have a huge impact on any man. But for John Krasinski, welcoming a newborn has given him a fresh outlook one can't help but notice.

As the proud dad traveled to the Sundance Film Festival in support of his new project The Hollars, the beloved star explained how welcoming a baby with Emily Blunt transformed his latest project.

"I'll be really honest and say that I had to sort of write to the script for a while, but my daughter was born in February and I think we started shooting in April. Those four months were a game change," he explained to E! News' Marc Malkin. "When you go through that existential crack that everybody goes through in a different way, but it is a moment and it is the moment that changes you in an enormous way. It's the mirror being held up to you whether you like it or not."

He continued, "I related to my parents differently, I related to my brothers differently, I related to my friends differently so I came to that set with this whole new understanding of family and a whole new appreciation for family and also probably extremely raw and open so we sort of capitalized on that."

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The Hollars tells the story of a man who returns to his small hometown after learning his mom has fallen ill and is about to undergo surgery. Anna Kendrick, Josh Groban and Margo Martindale also star in the emotional film directed by John.

"He's just wonderful," Margo told E! News when describing her co-star and director. "He's as good a director as is his personality, which of course is phenomenal."

John added, "I just wanted to jump in the pool and see if I could swim. I fully admit on camera that I'm learning and I can't wait to keep learning, but I'll tell you this is one of the best experiences I'll have."

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With the news of both John and Emily expecting baby No. 2, big projects will be carefully picked out in the coming months.

But don't worry moviegoers. John is totally open to working and possibly even directing his talented wife.

"I would love to direct Emily. I don't know, I'd rather act with Emily then direct. I don't know if I need that responsibility. She's so good," he gushed at Acura Studios. "I would be so scared to screw it up. Happy to be in scenes with her because that would be really fun. We're always up for doing something but it has to be the right thing."

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