Grey's Anatomy, There's No "I" in Team


Reason number 8,233 to love Grey's Anatomy: The drama never ends!

The next new episode of ABC's highly addictive TV series crack doesn't air until next year, but fans still have plenty to discuss behind the scenes with the recent rumors that T.R. Knight has asked to leave the show.

Is it true? And is it possible he's not the only one?

Get the latest in our weekly roundup of TV scoop, which also stars a Supernatural death, a House romance, a 90210 medical twist (not about Shannen Doherty, thank you) and...what's this we hear about Blair and Nate on Gossip Girl? Read on...

Kayla in Boston: Is our George really leaving Grey's Anatomy? As a Gizzie and George fan, I hope not.

T.R. Knight

Jordan Strauss/

The latest I've heard from inside sources is that yes, T.R. did ask to get out of his contract, and so far, no final decision or details have been reached, but it is looking likely he we will go. However, you should know that according to inside sources, T.R. is not the first Grey's castmember to be asked out of his contract. There have been at least two others in recent years. Any guesses?

Jayden in Eugene, Ore: Got any more scoop on T.R. leaving Grey's?
When asked whether T.R. is leaving the show, Eric Dane tells us: "I don't know how true that is, but if it were, it would certainly be a loss. I don't think there's any truth to that until I'm told otherwise." I'm told that pretty much the entire cast and crew is being kept in the dark as to what is really going on. Still, T.R. remains close friends with Katherine Heigl. They were spotted having dinner Thursday night at BLVD 16 with Katherine's hubby, Josh Kelly, and her mother.

Deanna in Palo Pinto, Texas: Kristin, did you see this report that Mischa Barton will guest star on five episodes of Ugly Betty?
I checked on the story for you, and a show rep tells me, "This is not true." Sorry, better luck next time, Marissa Cooper fans.

Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edelstein, House

Greg Gayne/FOX

Dec in Norman, Okla.: I am so sick of all the mushy stuff on House. Please tell me the character hookups take a back seat to the diagnoses in the new year. I can't handle it anymore.
Mmmm...sorry, can't make any promises like that. Just talked to executive producer Katie Jacobs and she told me, "Our weekly medical mysteries are the meat and potatoes—and I say that because I love meat and potatoes—but it's fun to break those conventions and get a little more personal." So can I offer you a nice, well-balanced meal with meat and potatoes and candy-coated Cuddy on the side?

M in Ulysses, Kan.: Whoa! Kristin, please tell me that last night's Californication finale was not a setup for a Karen-less season three. I know Natascha McElhone lost her husband in real life this year, and no one would blame her for wanting to spend more time with her family, but I didn't see that coming at all. Is she leaving the show, or is this just a season-ending cliffhanger?
I wondered the same thing, but a rep for the show assures me we don't need to worry: "Natascha will be back in season three." Whew.

Connie Britton

James Devaney/

Kaitlyn in New York City: When do we find out if Friday Night Lights gets picked up for a fourth season?
Word from NBC will come after the Peacock-network premiere on Jan. 16. Says Connie Britton about the remainder of season three: "I think we get a little twist with that at the end of the season. The end of the season is kind of the end of the football season as well, that's what we like to do on our show. They made it so compelling. Whether this is the last season or not, some of these students are going to be graduating, they may or may not be on the show next season, so it was important that they do that right, and they really did."

Chris in Seattle: Any behind the scenes action we didn't see from last night's Survivor finale?
Actually yes, right after Bob was announced the winner, did you notice how Crystal was checking out her hands and rubbing them? That's because she fell in the tribal fire! She slammed into it when the rest of the contestants finally came out. Karma burns, baby.

Lorraine in Mystic, Conn.: Kristin, I had a Q about Mad Men. Will we ever see any of his mistresses again? I love January as Betty, but there's just something about those other women...
No official word on a return for Rachel or Bobbie, but Rosemarie DeWitt, who played season one's Midge, tells me, "I have a fantasy about coming back in 1967—it involves white go-go boots." Matt Weiner, make it happen!

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross

Amanda in Paramount, Calif.: Hi, Kristin! What's up with Nate and Blair on Gossip Girl? I heard they might be hooking up again? WTF?!

Gossip Girl

The CW / KC Bailey

That's what I'm hearing from sources too, and WTF indeed! And mind you, executive producer Stephanie Savage isn't helping clear up these rumors. In a CW interview she reveals, "Nate and Blair have really become friends, and their romantic past has become a very nice platform for deep friendship. Without giving too much away about what's going to happen, at the end of something like high school you find yourself looking back on who was with you when you started this journey and certain feelings come to the surface that might be surprising." Stephanie also says Blair and Dan will be playing opposite each other in the school play "and that brings out some very interesting conflict on both sides." OMG, could the frenemies become...friendly?! How many freaking suitors can Blair take on?

Loverstar: Are Nate and Jenny going to have a baby? I am dying to know!
No, they are definitely not having a baby. Sorry, I believe this rumor stemmed from what I wrote to be a very clear joke, but a joke that at least one other site picked up as fact. (Sorry!) As far as I know, Nate and Jenny are totally done.

J in Orange, Calif.: How about more scoop on this season of Scrubs?
It's like Grey's Anatomy, but funnier, of course. There's sex in the on-call rooms, getting attached to patients and learning that J.D. and Turk are going to have each other stuffed for future keeping after their demise. (Awww, that dude who pretended to be the Ice Truck Killer would be touched!) Also, don't miss the credits! They might be the best part of the entire episode. The writers take some cleverly disguised jabs at their lack of awards recognition, and it is priceless.

AnnaLynne McCord

Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

Rylee in Boston: What's the deal with Shawn on 90210? Seems pretty shady to me!
You're not the only one, sister! Speaking of sisters, AnnaLynne McCord (Naomi) played coy about her new onscreen bro (Josh Henderson) when we started to pry: "We're going to find out some really, really, really bad stuff about my brother. It's going to be a crazy reveal of certain things in his past." Being the sleuth that I am, I couldn't leave you with something that vague. Turns out Shawn may not be the long-lost son after all! "There is a possibility that Josh Henderson's character isn't our brother at all. He kind of goes away for a while. So that leaves the question, who is my brother?"

Sandra: Any scoop on 90210?
I'm hearing a big storyline coming up is that Silver will have something in common with Britney Spears. No, not pregnancy. No, not lack of underwear. I'm hearing she will be diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and the storyline is pretty engrossing.

Nichole in Flynt, Mich.: Privileged please!
We were on the set while new daddy Pete Wentz was filming, and he gave us a little scoop about the "Pete Wentz" he'll be playing: "I'm in a club scene, and we're hanging out. When I walk into the club, it's not really how it works in the world of Pete Wentz. They ask me for the hoodie off my back, and then I have a little bit of a tiff and kind of walk out." Fun fact: When asked about his kissing scene with Mia (Madeline Zima) on Californication and seeing himself onscreen, he responded, "I didn't watch that! I can't watch myself at all!"

Terminator, Lena Headey, Brain Austin Green

Michael Desmond/FOX

Jason in Arab, Ala.:  You haven't talked much about Terminator lately. Any news? What's up with Riley and Derek's girlfriend Jesse?
I've seen tonight's episode, and the final image is a doozy, but only as far as the myth arc is concerned. The part of the episode that will really turn you inside out is Riley's downward spiral. The girl is totally losing it, and unsympathetic Jesse—who we learn was the one who first plucked Riley out of apocalyptic obscurity in the future because she had a "pretty face"—does absolutely nothing to put the brakes on R's breakdown. John Connor may be her only hope...

Aaron in Rancho Bernardo, Calif.: What's coming up on this week's FNL?
Crazy week of unexpected behavior: Tyra's mom acts like an actual good parent, Coach lies to Tami about some football-related corruption and Tim Riggins (yes, drunk, slutty Tim Riggins!) turns out to be the best boyfriend ever. I would never have guessed he had it in him, but I'm so proud! (And did you guys see Taylor as Gambit in the Wolverine trailer? Our little 33 is all growed up!)

Supernatural: Time Is on My Side

Sergei Bachlakov / The CW

Delilah in Drummondville, Quebec, Canada: Anything new on Supernatural?
I'm hearing of an amazing episode in the new year about reapers in a small town who are getting killed, so Sam and Dean become ghosts to travel in the ghost world and figure out what's going on. As long as they don't put white sheets over my pretty boys' faces, I'm in!

Janice in Miami: More Supernatural!
In honor of the show currently kicking ass in our CW Awards, I will tell you that a character we know and love dies in the aforementioned reaper episode. Guesses?

Lauren in Cleveland: Have you forgotten that both Monk and Psych premiere on Jan. 9? Speaking of Psych; any hope for Shawn and Juliet?
As if I could forget. (Check back closer to the Monk premiere date for my recent convos with the cast—including talk of a Sarah Silverman return!) Anyway, speaking of the upcoming batch of episodes, a blonde who is close to Shawn is kidnapped, and only Shawn's skills of deduction can save the day.

Justin Kirk, Mary Louise Parker, Weeds

Cliff Lipson/Showtime

Tyler in Cicero, N.Y.: Hey, Kristin, I know the season ended not to long ago, but you wouldn't be able to squeeze some juice out of the fruit that I like to call Weeds?
I would! Just caught up with Justin Kirk at the Showtime/Paley gala and peppered him with Q's about season five. He said "not even the writers know" if Nancy is really pregnant but that he thinks it's a good plot twist "Only if it's mine." Ha! So is Andy really in love with Nancy? "For the time being. I hope they go with that for a while—because I like playing that story." Go Nandy!

Nina in New York City: I miss my Weeds! Got anything for me?
Don't discount Celia just because she's trapped in darkest Mexico. According to the lovely Elizabeth Perkins, "I don't think Dean is going to come and rescue her. She would rather stay in Mexico than have Dean come and rescue her, but I don't think it's going to be very good with Quinn either—I think Quinn's going to torture her." Eeek.

Emma in Brooklyn, N.Y.: Can you solve the mystery of who will play Katherine Howard on The Tudors this season?
According to Showtime boss Bob Greenblatt, "This year is Jane Seymour and Anne of Cleves. Katherine Howard is next year, but stay tuned for that."

Zachary Quinto

Quincy in New York: Anything coming up on Heroes? Especially regarding Sylar?
Looks like Sylar has his own form of kryptonite! If you want to turn off his powers, apparently all you need is a shard of glass placed just so. It  will leave our by Sylie-poo powerless.

Amber in Jacksonville, Fla.: I've watched the first two episodes of Leverage on TNT and love it! Please give us some scoop. Pretty, pretty please? Thanks!
Things get a little personal this week when people from Nate (Timothy Hutton), Sophie (Gina Bellman) and Eliot's (Christian Kane) pasts appear. This will cause a few close calls when they try to get revenge on Samantha Who?'s Rick Hoffman, who guest stars this week as a horse owner who doesn't mind a little insurance fraud.

Don't forget to vote in the CW Awards!

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin, Natalie Abrams and Megan Masters

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