I love the Internet @williamharrycharley I see the resemblance. Do you? #cattwinning ??

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We're calling it now: 2016 is the year of celebrity look-a-like cats. 

It all started with Adam Driver. Or, more specifically, it all started with Corey, a cat at the Monmouth County SPCA who looks exactly like Adam Driver. Little Corey's bizarre features so resembled the Star Wars actor (those ears! That mouth! And the eyes!) that he became an overnight Internet sensation. 

People far and wide were fascinated by the possibility that a cat in New Jersey and Hollywood's Adam Driver shared actual genetic makeup. In fact, one Reese Witherspoon was so in awe of this resemblance that she decided it was high time to find her own feline doppelgänger. 

And find it she did.

After presumably searching the Interwebs high and low, scrolling through every #WeeklyFluff and #CatsofInstagram available, Reese posted her miraculous discovery. "I love the Internet," she wrote. "@williamharrycharley I see the resemblance. Do you?" And of course she added the highly appropriate hashtag #cattwinning for good measure.

The kitty in question is the semi-famous Charlotte, a.k.a. "Charley", of the semi-famous Internet cat duo William and Charley. She's a four-month-old Ragamuffin, whatever that means. All we know is that she looks exactly like Reese Witherspoon. It's clearly all in the chin, which if we remember correctly from our days of endlessly taking "Which hairstyle is best for your face" quizzes back in the '90s, is known as "heart-shaped."

Either way, cat twinning is now officially a thing. We'll now be spending all of our free time searching for more uncanny resemblances, so goodbye productivity!

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