Nick Jonas Reveals His Secrets to Staying in Perfect Shape Even After a Few Beers ''That I Shouldn't Have''

Goat star also shared how he resisted temptation during the holidays

By Mike Vulpo Jan 25, 2016 9:35 PMTags
Watch: How Nick Jonas Stayed Fit Over the Holidays While Filming

Want to be in great shape like Nick Jonas? Well you're going to have to work for it all year long.

While hitting up the Sundance Film Festival this weekend to support his new film Goat, the actor kept his abs covered up in the chilly temperatures. But as many fans know, this handsome and talented star is in the best shape of his life even after a busy Christmas season.

"It's tough. It was the first time we shot over the holidays so we started back in October," Nick told E! News' Zuri Hall when discussing Season 3 of Kingdom currently in production. "So we had Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's all while we were shooting so I think all of us were struggling to stay on the plan."

So what can a guy do when he is faced with pies, carbs and even a few drinks? Perhaps it helps when all your co-workers have to stay ripped.

Jason Merritt/GC Images

"It's about making a healthier choice every now and again and I think the sort of competition is there in the show between us the actors so we push each other to stay in shape," he shared at the Eddie Bauer Adventure House. "I've snuck a few beers probably that I shouldn't have."

Workout and diet plans aside, Nick had a full plate of jobs this weekend at the Sundance Film Festival. In addition to his work in Kingdom, the former Jonas Brothers member was in town to support his film Goat with co-star Ben Schnitzer.

In the movie, which premiered Friday night, Nick stars as a 19-year-old who endures brutal hazing while pledging the same college fraternity as his brother. Chace Crawford and Danny Flaherty also star in the highly anticipated drama.

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