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What will the Internet think of next? You kiddos are cray! Just kidding, we're the same age as you and literally are about to go home and try this. You know by now the coolest thing to do on your iPhone is asking Siri what 1 trillion to the tenth power is, correct? Let her rattle off those zeros until you've got a nice beat to use. We've been keeping an eye on this trend and rounded up the best of the Internet's Siri beats (and even a full-on remix) for your listening pleasure. You will not regret what you are about to see. Talk about talent! Enjoy. 

When you collab with Siri ????

Posted by Marcus Perez on Sunday, January 17, 2016

Marcus Perez was one of the first videos we came across, and now he's totally blown up. Rightfully so, we think he totally killed it. 


Then we noticed this trio who not only beatboxed their way to cyber fame but added an epic singing voice to the mix as well. Seriously, if you haven't seen this video for whatever reason, this woman's singing voice will knock you out. Bye, bye Adele


YouTuber Suzhou Chen gave us a new spin on beatboxing with Siri. Meanwhile, we're still trying to figure out how to make that four leaf clover thing with our tongue. 


Then YouTuber Steveniswhat?? took it to a totally new level and made a full-on remix using Siri as a sidekick. Will we hear this at the club anytime soon?  


Here we have another breathtaking performance! This time, it's brought to you by another solo artist named MrOlonzo4291. Slay. 


Oh, la la! A two person collab! This should be interesting. Bring it on AbrahamBloomer, bring it on. 


Ring the alarm, y'all! We wanted to end this piece with a bang, and think HeartGrey is the right person to help us do just that. 

Is there a video of you trying this trend? Link us in the comments! We want to see! 

Scarlett Johannson talks her rivalry with Siri 

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