Divergent, Allegiant


Beyond the wall, Shailene Woodley and Theo James are stripping down in the name of cinema. 

In a newly released trailer for the third installment of the acclaimed film adaptation, The Divergent Series: Allegiant, main characters Tris and Four are saying goodbye to their past lives in the Chicago Experiment as they venture beyond the mystery wall for the first time. 

While they swing from grapple hooks and fly in transparent pods, a bit of cinematic eye candy arrives when James strips down for a rebirth of sorts—in a cleansing shower. 

Woodley is also shown shedding her clothes, burning them and—metaphorically—her past as she embarks on a fresh journey to save a floundering city. 

Thankfully, they're not alone to raise up the land. We also get a few sacred glimpses of their co-stars, including Miles TellerAnsel Elgort and Zoë Kravitz as they take on the destroyed town. 

While a shower is far from strenuous, the co-stars dished on one of the most difficult physical tasks required of this third film. 

"There's a lot of running in this movie. Theo is a fantastic runner and I am a slow as all things runner," Woodley said during a Twitter Q&A session with fans. "I just look like a flopping gazelle." 

While there's still much more to unfold come the film's silver screen release, there's no denying the inevitable chemistry between the two on-screen lovebirds—even James can't avoid a Freudian slip. 

"Fast, fun, hot—no—great, radical," the two said when asked to describe the film in a few words.

One look at James' muscles and we'd have to agree—hot indeed.

The film hits theaters March 18.  

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