Anyone else finding it a little hard to breathe after watching Kerry Washingtonjump-straddle Scott Foley in the latest Scandal promo?

The hot-as-fire (do not stare directly at it) glimpse at what's ahead when the ABC hit returns Feb. 11 has stunned fans, as many are still reeling from Olivia Pope's gut-wrenching breakup with Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) in the latest episode.

So what comes next? On tonight's E! News, we take you exclusively behind the scenes of the Scandal set with Kerry Washington, Katie Lowes and Bellamy Young to get the latest on what to expect when the show returns—for Olivia, and everyone else.

And what you can expect for Olivia's love life is apparently a little, um…Judo? "We could be starting a wrestling match," Kerry says of the Jake jump-straddle heard ‘round the world. "It could be Judo!"

OK, so the chances of that being accurate are precisely none, but we can tell you to expect some serious steaminess between Jake and Olivia when Scandal returns. Suffice to say, that lightning-quick straddle featured in the promo is not the only Olivia-Jake hookup moment you'll see. Six months have passed and a lot has changed.

Scandal, Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn


But what about Fitz? Is there any hope for fans of Olivia and Fitz, after the winter finale in which she had an abortion and she and Fitz realized there was no way to make their relationship work?

To hear what Kerry has to say about Olivia's dramatic transformation inside and out—hello, color—and whether there is any chance Olivia and Fitz could end up together after he's done with the White House and she no longer has to play First Lady—Kerry adorably quips, "I want my jam!"—press play on the exclusive video above.

Then check out E! News at 7 and 11 p.m. tonight for more from Kerry, Katie and Bellamy on the Scandal set. (Note: We may or may not have discovered Mellie's hooch...)

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