It doesn't matter if she's a human or an animal, Shakira can shake what her mama gave her.

The singer stars as a pop superstar in Zootopia, so she released "Try Everything," a new, original song off the soundtrack. Shakira released a first-look at the music video for her catchy tune Friday on Good Morning America, and it features scenes from the animated movie and her as a crop-top wearing gazelle.

It also splices footage of her in the studio recording the song.

Zootopia centers on Judy Hopps, the first bunny police officer that has to prove herself to the force. With a motivational track like "Try Everything," we have no doubt that Ginnifer Goodwin's character will have the lyrics she needs to be a success. 

Zootopia, Shakira


"I won't give up, no I won't give in / Till I reach the end / And then I'll start again / Though I'm on the lead / I wanna try everything / I wanna try even though I could fail," Shakira sings.

Although the first two trailers gave viewers some insight into what Zootopia is really about, the "Try Everything" music videos gives fans a better look at the actually city, which features places such as Little Rodentia.

"For the role of Gazelle, Zootopia's most beloved superstar, there was only one person on our wish list: Shakira," Zootopia Director Byron Howard said in a press release. "Luckily for us, she said yes. Her immense talent and charm bring Gazelle and her song, 'Try Everything,' to life."

Watch the adorable snippet and prepare to get even more excited for Zootopia, which hits theaters March 4, 2016.

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