Someone should give Zac Efron's former drama teacher an apple.

Had it not been for Robyn Metchik, Jimmy Kimmel Live! wouldn't have received archived footage of the Dirty Grandpa star performing in his high school's production of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. Unlike some child actors, Efron attended a "legit" public school. Jimmy Kimmel surprised his guest with the video Thursday, saying, "It might be fun for us to talk a walk down—well, really, just memory lane for you—and a brand new undiscovered lane for us."

"Oh, no!" Efron said. "Are you serious?"

The 28-year-old movie star cringed as the video showed him singing "Suppertime" in character as Snoopy. "Nice moonwalking!" the late-night host told Efron. "Very impressive, by the way."

Efron replied, "Back then, that crushed. That was like a big deal."

"That would crush right now if you did it, by the way," Kimmel said.

And just like that, Efron channeled his inner Michael Jackson and did the moonwalk on cue. It may not be the High School Musical reunion fans wanted Wednesday night, but it'll have to do.

Efron had already won the audience over earlier in the episode when Kimmel was ending his opening monologue. "Today, by the way, in case you don't know, is National Hugging Day, also known as National Make a Co-Worker Very Uncomfortable Day," Kimmel joked. "According to the website, National hugging Day was created to encourage family and friends to hug often and freely. When a holiday has a website, you know it's legit. But the message is positive, and tonight, to celebrate National Hugging Day, please welcome one of the top huggers in the United States of America right now, Mr. Zac Efron!" Efron walked out on stage to fulfill his promise of hugging "one lucky audience member" for 30 seconds. "Oh, I'm stoked," he said. He came with a boom box—"I always bring a boom box for all my hugs"—and picked a lucky lady.

To make the moment extra special, Efron blasted Cutting Crew's 1987 classic "(I Just) Died in Your Arms" from his boom box. After the 30 seconds was up, Efron and the woman left the stage. "I did not go to the prom in high school," Kimmel joked, "but I imagine that's just what it would have been like: Me standing in the corner watching the handsome guy dance with a girl."

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