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Kris Jenner was put through a lot of "torture" by her kids on Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

First Khloe Kardashian confronted Kris and called her a "f--king liar" and then Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian threw pies and water balloons at her!

Poor Kris!

Why were the girls going so hard on Kris during this episode? Check out the recap below to find out and get all of the details on Khloe and Kourtney's major food fight!

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1. Kim & Kris Tell Kourtney About Scott Disick's Scary Phone Call:

Koutney, Kim and Kris are hanging out when they Kim and Kris decide to talk to Kourtney about Scott Disick's recent breakdown.

"How was your trip, Kourt?" Kris asks. "Did you talk to Scott while you were gone?"

"Um no," Kourtney says.

"Kim and I were at my house in the kitchen and Khloe called and put us on speaker so we could just listen to their conversation. But we he was really upset and having a hard time and said he missed you and had no reason to live and it was pretty scary. We didn't know whether to call 9-11," Kris tells Kourtney.

"He was literally like you couldn't hear sentences he was slurring his words," Kim says to Kourtney. "The note that he sent Khloe was like, ‘Tell Bugs I love her and I can't go on without her.'"

"They say you always should call 9-11," Kourtney says.

"So I almost did because then he was crying on the phone the whole time," Kim says.

Kris then tells Kourtney that Scott's friend Chris Reda said that he's "never seen him cry this hard."

BUT then Kim tells Kourtney and Kris that Scott was out partying shortly after the incident.

"But then I got a text last night and they were like, ‘Oh my God Scott Disick's in 1OAK! They said he was so wasted and so drunk."

"Last night?" Kourtney asks.

"Last night," Kim tells her. "So after that whole thing and he's crying and he's this and he's that."

Kourtney then says, "I think Scott put himself in the situation that he's in with his actions. I don't know, I just need to like live because I'm also like not just making decisions for me but for you know my three children and it's really about him deciding just what kind of life he wants to live."

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2. Kim Has Khloe Google Pictures of Her When She Was Pregnant With North West:

Kim goes to Khloe's house to spend time with her and Kim has a hard time getting onto Khloe's bed.

"You're really like…" Khloe starts to say.

"Huge I know," Kim says.

"You're actually not," Khloe tells Kim. "You're more belly this time."

"And butt," Kim tells Khloe. "I look back at pictures and I was so skinny just my belly so…"

"You think that, you really weren't," Khloe says.

"No go look and you will like die," Kim tells Khloe

Khloe does a quick Google search to look at pictures and lands on one of Kim just before she gave birth to North West.

Kim then says to get up out of bed she has to do a "full sit up."

"OK I'm supposed to writing and you're distracting me, I'm Googling pictures of you pregnant, like you're not helping me," Khloe tells Kim.


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3. Khloe Is "Beyond Livid" With Kris:

According to Khloe, Kris has been overbooking her and Khloe needs a break. Khloe's been trying to finish editing her book Strong Looks Better Naked and do promotion and photo shoots and she's worn out.

So during her Redbook magazine photo shoot, Khloe lets her mom know how she's feeling.

"I'm spreading myself too thin with the app, with the DASH buying, with the book, which is the biggest nightmare," Khloe tells Kris. "I'm over it, I can't work this much, cancel something."

"I'm sorry you're overwhelmed and I'm sorry you're feeling like this and I will do everything I can do redirect this," Kris says.

"Since I've never ever ever ever asked to not do something before," Khloe says.

"I hear you," Kris says. "Khloe you agreed that this was a good idea."

"I've expressed how I feel, I'm normally not that adamant about something," Khloe says. "But I normally don't ask you things like that, when have I ever said ‘cancel something?'" Khloe asks Kris.

"Never," Kris says.

"Like what's more important? Is it your daughter's sanity?" Khloe asks.

Kris tells Khloe that she will "take care of it." But then says that Khloe "agreed that this was a good idea."

"What the f--k are you talking about?" Khloe asks.

"You agreed to scheduling all of this," Kris says.

"No I didn't mom," Khloe says. "You're a f--king liar."


But Kris then says again that she will take care of it.

4. Kris Wants Her Girls to See a Therapist About Using Their Cell Phones:

Kris thinks her girls are on their phones to much, so she suggests that everyone, herself included, see a therapist who helps people who are on their phones too often.

See how Khloe and Kim react to Kris' suggestion in the video above!

The girls agree to do it, but when Khloe, Kim and Kourtney actually show up to the appointment, Kris is out of town!

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5. Kim Tells Khloe She Needs to "Take Some Time" For Herself:

Khloe has been overwhelmed with her work schedule and everyone is starting to notice. Kim tells Khloe that she has to start "living" what she's writing about in her book.

"You're writing this book and it has to be true, it's like about mind, body and soul so you have to live it," Kim says.

Kim then tells Khloe, "You just need to take some time for you."

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6. Kourtney Tells Khloe "I'm Gonna Get Guacamole Up Your Vagina:"

Kylie Jenner has a family dinner to show off her new house. While at dinner, Khloe and Kourtney start a food fight that involves a lot of guacamole.

"I'm gonna get guacamole up your vagina right now," Kourtney says. "Spread your legs. Tell her to spread her legs."

"She's very excited about this," Khloe laughs.

"See that knife right there? It's literally going up your a--hole," Kourtney says to Khloe as she continue to put food on her head. "You're the biggest whore on the planet!

What did Kylie have to say about the food fight in her new house?

"Well I'm glad I threw the party because I'm really mature, I don't know about them so much," Kylie says.

7. Kim, Kourtney & Khloe Get Revenge on Kris After She Misses Therapy:

After Kris misses the therapy session, Kim and Kourtney decide they need to prank Kris.

The girls go to Kris' house to make pies. Kim and Kourtney take Kris outside to teach her how to "communicate."

"You get a choice," Kourtney says. "You get to either sit in that thing and we get to throw something at that target or you can have option B which is a surprise."

Kris tells Kourtney and Kim that they're the ones who need the communications therapy and that she's "fine."

But Kourtney and Kim won't let her out of it and tell her to pick which option she wants.

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She chooses both so Kourtney and Kim tell her to sit down and they ask her a series of questions. If she gets a question wrong she either gets a water balloon dropped on her head or a pie in her face. Before the game starts though, Kourtney accidentally drops a water balloon on her head! Whoops! Kris even tries to get back at her kids by throwing a water balloon at Kim but it doesn't pop!

Watch the video above to see Kim and Kourtney mess with Kris!

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What did Kris have to think about this prank?

"Really? Only my kids would put me through this kind of torture and love it this much," Kris says.

But after she's covered in pie and water she finally says, "OK, I'll go to the next meeting."

Mission accomplished!

Watch an all-new episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians Sunday at 9 p.m., only on E!

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