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You think you know emojis? You think you can paint a intricately woven tale of love, loss and triumph using only those little cartoon icons? Do you call yourself Dr. Emoji to your friends? Do your friends beg you to stop calling yourself that? Well, buckle up. so-called emoji expert, because we're about to blow your mind hole.

(Unless you already know about this, in which case just text your friends about how lame we are using the lollipop emoji or whatever).

Jeremy Burge, the creator of the website Emojipedia, went on the Australian talk show The Project to discuss his career as the unofficial guide of emoji knowledge on the Internet, and he said something that rocked our entire emoji world.

After revealing some expert opinions on emojis (he thinks the red "100" emoji is now on the down trend), the conversation obviously turned to sexting and which emojis are mostly used for sending saucy messages to your BAE. 

Burge then dropped something on us that totally changed our sexting strategy forever. Apparently an Emojipedia fan sent an email to him about how she and her friends firmly believe that a seemingly innocent emoji is actually something totally dirty, and no, we're not talking about the peach emoji.

We're talking about the nose emoji. Look at it!

Nose Emoji


Hint: We'll turn it upside down if you are still having trouble picturing it.

Nose Emoji


That's a penis! How have we never seen it before?! Now that you know that the nose emoji totally looks like a penis, you can't unsee it can you?

Sure, the official definition of the nose emoji on Emojipedia says it's "a human nose. May be used to indicate smelling, or something that smells."

Yeah, something certainly does smell around here. And it smells like penis.

Sorry, eggplant. And goodbye, thermometer. When we want to send a penis-themed emoji to our significant other, we're totally sending the nose. 

Wait. Does that mean that every nose kind of looks like a penis? Does everyone have a penis on their face? Well, our entire life is ruined. Now whenever we meet someone, the first thing our eyes will go to is their penis nose. Thanks, emojis! We knew you had the potential to be life ruiners!

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