Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry Recap: NeNe Leakes, Bella Thorne and 5 OMG Moments From the Series Premiere

Catch up on the debut episode to see how Tyler Henry is changing celebrities' lives!

By Gabi Duncan Jan 25, 2016 4:00 AMTags
Hollywood Medium 101E!

Welcome to the world of Tyler Henry!

On the highly-anticipated series premiere of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, the clairvoyant to the stars meets with celebrity clients Jaime Pressly, Bella Thorne, NeNe Leakes and John Salley for readings to connect them with their loved ones on the other side. And of course, there are a few surprising revelations along the way!

As Tyler explains about his gift, "My readings are really about connecting people, whether it's to their deceased loved ones and finding the closure through that or connecting them to insight into their personal lives. Those are the connections that I aim to make and those are what make the biggest difference."

Keep reading for five OMG moments from the exciting premiere!


1. Tyler's mom almost has an unfortunate accidentTyler's mom, Theresa, takes him to the majority of his appointments because he doesn't have his driver's license. "I grew up in a small town, and at the age of 16, I didn't need it," Tyler explains. "Being driven around by my mother is a little nerve-wracking, but I love her even if her driving isn't that good." As they're on their way to meet his first client, Theresa adorably freaks out behind the wheel when a motorcycle zooms past their Jeep. "Oh my god!" she says. "He almost made me pee my pants!" LOL!

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2. Jaime Pressly gets a message from a late friend: While Tyler is reading the My Name Is Earl actress and connecting her with her grandmother, he feels the presence of a younger woman "who feels like she passed away too soon." Tyler says, "She's making my lungs hurt quite, quite a bit. Mentally this feels strange, physically this feels strange." He then tells Jaime she's referencing a "B" initial and the name Brittany. "Brittany Murphy!" Jaime exclaims. "Oh my god!"

Tyler explains Brittany is trying to apologize because she feels like their relationship ended abruptly. "She's not coming through necessarily for you as much as she's referencing to you," Tyler says. "She has messages for other people." Once Tyler delivered the message, Brittany's energy went away, and he was able to connect more clearly with Jaime's other loved ones.

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3. Bella Thorne connects with her deceased father: While Tyler is out at a Los Angeles party, he feels a sudden pull from one the guests to communicate a message from the other side. Ironically, the special guest turns out to be actress Bella Thorne. "There is actually a reference to a man that's coming through," Tyler tells her. "He actually comes through on the fatherly kind of a realm for this. It's like a real strong fatherly figure."

Tyler then describes he's getting symbols of someone passing quickly in a vehicular accident. "My dad died in a motorcycle accident," Bella confirms. Tyler later tells Bella her dad has so much pride for her. "It's amazing," he explains. "It's huge in the way that it comes through, so please know that he's perfectly fine and he's okay, and he's definitely around."

"Oh my god!" Bella says. "Thank you so much!"


4. Tyler has an intense, physical reaction during his reading with NeNe Leakes: When Tyler meets with the television personality, he initially has trouble connecting and picking up information. To help, he asks if she brought a personal object he can touch. When NeNe hands him a tiny bell, he starts to sweat profusely and feel ill.

"Being a medical intuitive, I touch the bell and randomly became overwhelmed with a bunch of sensations that I had absolutely no control over," Tyler says. "As I'm going through this process, my face is starting to get sweaty, I'm starting to feel pale and clammy and just overall very uncomfortable." Tyler is forced to take a quick break to recover. Meanwhile, NeNe is extremely concerned. "I was worried," she says. "I was like, 'Oh my god! He's sweating his ass off!' What the hell?!"

Tyler later discovers the symptoms were connected to NeNe's mother who had problems with her kidneys and filtration system and previously owned the bell. He then is able to successfully convey a message to NeNe from her mom. "As NeNe is validating the information, I'm starting to notice that I'm feeling drastically better," he says. "I'm noticing that I'm sweating less, I'm no longer seeing references to the filtration system and that's my way of knowing that what is coming through is being delivered in the way that it's meant."


5. Tyler turns John Salley into a true believer: The championship-winning, retired NBA player is a little skeptical when he first meets Tyler and admits, "I just want to see if this kid is what he says he is." John tells him he is curious about what's going to happen in his business life. Tyler tells him he will have an opportunity to go to the south in Louisiana and Florida and collaborate in something food related. John then confesses he already has a company that sells vegan products!

"It's amazing—the scribbling and as quick as he was coming out with it," John confirms. "He was spot on. I know I was right to be into health and wellness and he validated it."

Later, John asks Tyler to connect him with one of his friends who passed recently. As Tyler is opening his mind, the names "Moses" comes through. Turns out, that's the name of John's basketball buddy, Moses Malone, who just died. Tyler also feels another male coming through who feels like he went too soon and has a connection to asthma and heart-related issues. John validates it was one his oldest friends, rapper Heavy D. "He couldn't breathe before he died," he says. "That was a form of his asthma."

Despite John's initial cynicism, Tyler was really grateful for the whole experience at the end. "My reading with John was by far one of my favorite readings of my entire career, just because what I walked into versus what I left was very different," he says. "Through that transformation there was so much healing."

After Tyler leaves, John is in awe by how legitimate Tyler is.  "He was unbelievable!"


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