It's been 15 years since O-Town made our "Liquid Dreams" come true.

The boy band, who formed on season one of the reality TV series Making the Band, released their first album ("O-Town") on Jan. 23, 2001.

Now, over a decade later, four of the band's members have reformed (Erik-Michael Estrada, Trevor Penick, Jacob Underwood, Dan Miller... minus Ashley Parker Angel) and are making new music and currently touring.


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"It was such a whirlwind back then," says Underwood. "We get to experience these fans who are now older bringing in pictures saying 'I was here, and I took this picture with you when I was 12, can we remake it?'"

"Those memories now are really sticking with us because it really ties in our history and puts into perspective what we meant to them," he continues. "Now we have a second chance to really connect with them again."

So what have the musicians been up to since that first album drop, before they got back together?

Penick moved back home to southern California, sticking in entertainment by taking acting classes, hosting live events, and working in independent films.


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Miller worked in songwriting and production and went back to school to get a degree in graphic design. He also started a family.

"I got married in 2004," says Miller. "I have a three-and-a-half year old son and a 15-month old daughter."

Estrada admits it was difficult finding a new path after the band's split in the early 2000s, as he attempted acting and a solo career before taking his skills behind the camera.

"It was a learning experience, and I'm better off for it," says Estrada.

Underwood bought a home in Nashville and got a business degree, before the band reunited as a quartet in 2013.

"All of our different experiences that we went on in the last 15 years allowed us to do it this time," says Underwood.

Now the band uses their skills in graphic design, production, and songwriting to get behind the cameras as well and produce their content.

"What we've been able to do with 10 years apart really makes us a solid team," continues Underwood.



"We're stronger than ever, and we're closer than ever," adds Estrada.

To celebrate their milestone, we asked O-Town to put "All or Nothing" on the line with a little game of 2000s throwback Would You Rather?

Considering how close the band members are, you may not be surprised by how many of their answers line up.


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When asked "would you rather have to perform the 'Bye Bye Bye' dance for two hours straight or wear Britney Spears' 'Slave 4 U' cobra for 30 seconds?" Underwood, Penick and Estrada all went for the cobra, while Miller chose the 'N Sync dance.

"I only chose the cobra because it was on Britney Spears," admits Penick. "It's gotta be the same snake."

Speaking of N' Sync, we asked O-Town which other music group they'd like to see back together and on the road... Destiny's Child or N' Sync? The singers all say N' Sync, hands down.

"We've got to support the boy bands," says Underwood.

"Hopefully we can go on tour with them," adds Estrada.

Spring Break, Pink, Rapper Sisqo, Tyrese

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As for whether the members of O-Town would prefer a throwback 'do a la Pink or Sisqo, the musicians, again, mutually agree. O-Town is Team Pink when it comes to crazy dye jobs from the early '00s.

"When I see the silver hair I also see the leather suit and the no shirt, undone, and I'm immediately drawn to the pink," says Estrada.

Apparently that "Thong Song" music video look won't be recreated anytime soon.

Finally, we asked O-Town if they would rather channel Eminem or Avril Lavigne on karaoke night. The group, across the board, goes Eminem.

Penick, who hosts a regular karaoke night in Hollywood, offered up his advice when choosing a song: "It all depends on the crowd and the place. You've got to know your audience."

And O-Town definitely loves getting to know their audience.

The band's current tour is taking them to Los Angeles, San Francisco and more cities in the U.S. and Canada. For more info, check out their website.

We all know what those concerts look like, too, thanks to the ending of the "All Or Nothing" music video.

Fifteen years later and we're still swooning...

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