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It's no secret Britney Spears' Instagram is lit AF. As the queen of pop (and literally everything), she deserves to have the most fire Instagram of them all. Everyone and their mothers poodle have been raving about the glory that is Godney's account. Need a standard stock photo of children gallivanting in a field? How about a picture of a bathing elephant family? The woman has got you covered. Aside from being the queen of stock photography posts, Brit-Brit is slaying it with her inspirational quotes game. Do we even need to see our therapist anymore? How about those soothing, mystical photos too? Girl knows how to work a social media profile. We highlight and decode the spiritual messages Godney has bestowed upon us. Join us on this metaphysical journey of self-discovery. 

This is probably an ancient depiction of what it felt like to endure heartburn without a bottle of Tums. 


This symbolic imagery represents all the makeup wipes we have to waste in order to take off our long-wear lip stain.  


In ancient times, this was the face you made when you found out one of your nails must have fallen off somewhere along the Oregon Trail. Sadly, you did not have enough spare wagon wheels to go back and find it. 


We think this is an old-fashioned painting that depicts the perils of getting highlighting powder all over your hands after you've finished contouring. 


We're willing to bet "Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman," was based on this mystical artwork. Right, though!?


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This artwork depicts the soul-quenching beauty of walking home the morning after a boozy party and seeing the McDonald's golden arches on the horizon.

It's honestly too good to be true mmmm ??

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We'll leave this interpretation up to you guys. What you do you think this corn means? How does it make you feel? 

How do you interpret Brit's awesome Instagram posts? Share your thoughts in the comments! 

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