ESC, Tricky Color Combos, Alexa Chung

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It's easy to get stuck in a style rut—especially when it comes to what hues you're drawn to wearing. Therefore, you've probably never thought to put these analogous color schemes together. That is, until now… 

Grey + Brown
Don't be afraid to mix your neutrals! Alexa Chung's a clear advocate of this. We love the way she's played with not only the shades of both colors but also the fabrics. Her suede brown skirt lends itself to the outfit in a playful way while her wool trench coat is all business. There's also something to say about the perfectly unified length of her outfit—the coat and skirt end in the same just-below-the-knee place for an all-around pulled together look. Planning on trying this? Think about anchoring your everyday look with a separate neutral or any wash of denim.

ESC, Tricky Color Combos, Olivia Munn

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Black + Navy
This is one of our favorite fashion rules to break. The next time someone tells you black and navy don't belong together, show them this Olivia Munn outfit. There's something so classic about blending these shades, but at the same time, there's ample opportunity to take it up a notch. Opt for a texture that breaks up the solidarity of the rest of the look, allowing it take you from board meetings to dinner dates. Not to mention, the black, timeless bag helps tie it all together. Pair your version of this ensemble with a colorful lip and you'll be ready to rise to any occasion.

ESC, Tricky Color Combos, Solange Knowles

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Orange + Pink
When it comes to this challenging (yet significant) color combination, channel your inner Solange Knowles and "go big or go home." You could take the easy way out and color-block pink and orange pieces together, but an even easier way to pull off this combo is to use accessories to your advantage. Pink pumps add their own splash of personality. Depending on the neckline you go with, try adding some stellar jewelry. Oh, and if the combo of orange and pink is too sweet for your liking, go ahead and add edge up the look with a complementary color like blue! Take note too of her beauty choices: Orange nails and a bold rose lip? Genius—and totally doable.

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