Winter Storm Jonas map

Bless the people over at The Weather Channel who name these storms. It's always ripe fodder for meme fun.

For example, this latest storm that is currently hitting the east coast has been dubbed Winter Storm Jonas, so let's all just blame a certain former trio who used to rock purity rings and sang about things burnin' up. (We hope they finally got that checked out).

We're talking about the Jonas Brothers, who ruled the tween and teen world from 2005 to 2010-ish. Since they officially split as a band, they've all been off doing their own thing; Nick acts and is shirtless a lot, Joe started a new band and Kevin is married with a baby.

So why are y'all getting back together to hammer the country with snow and cold weather? Where do you get off, Jonas Brothers?!

Even Joe Jonas couldn't resist poking fun at the name of the storm:

Do you think this is a game, Joe?! Winter storms are not funny!

Just kidding. This particular winter storm is pretty funny at the moment, because everyone on the Internet is blaming the Jonas Brothers for the crapload of snow and cold weather coming their way. And it's also a perfect excuse to post pictures of the boys from their awkward teenage years:

Even though the tweets are all about cold weather, it was too easy for one fan to totally burn the Jonas Brothers for canceling their entire tour mere days before it was suppose to kick off:

Absolutely savage! Looks like the JoBros won't have to worry about being cold after this epic burn.

All memes aside, which is not something we do lightly, it's important everyone affected by Winter Storm Jonas keep up to date on the weather forecast. For more information on how to prepare for and stay safe during a blizzard, check out The Weather Channel's safety guidelines.

The only thing left to do is bust out your Jonas Brothers CDs (we know you have them) and wait out the storm to the smooth stylings of "Love Bug."

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