Billy Eichner, Terrell Owens


Billy Eichner is debatably one of the boldest people on TV, hilariously harassing innocent strangers into asking his spur-of-the-moment questions. Some might even say he's "too bold," according to the Billy on the Street star.

It's no secret that The Academy has been slammed for its lack of diversity at this year's Academy Awards, and the Difficult People star tells E! News that he believes the "criticism is justified," but he gives kudos to Wendy Williams for expressing his sentiments in the best way.

"I always turn to Wendy Williams when there's any type of ethical or moral crisis in our country," he explains. "I watch Wendy Williams every day and I'm a huge, huge fan of Chris Rock, and Wendy said, according to her, he shouldn't step down and that this is one of those...teachable moments. It doesn't only affect African Americans."

He adds, "It's Latinos, Asian Americans, gay people—any minority that's underrepresented."

But does he think the Oscars host should step down this year?

"I hope that he doesn't because if anything this will give him a ton to say—a ton of material—and if there's anyone I want to comment on it, it's Chris Rock," he says.

Eichner, who teamed up with NFL star Terrell Owens and Butterfinger as a part of its Bolder Than Bold campaign, describes being bold as "having guts and having vision—just really going for it," which is what Rock could do given the debate surrounding the Oscars.

He also revealed that Rock is his favorite comedian of all time, but Eichner confessed that he does have some other dream stars for Billy on the Street, including Steve Martin and Jerry Seinfeld. But never forget, "There's Meryl [Streep] and there's everyone else."

Additionally, Eichner said he would love to have "all the brothers" such as the Hemsworths and the Coens on his show, but confessed he'd have Joel Coen and Ethan Coen first. Sorry, Liam and Chris!

As part of Eichner and Owens' campaign, they made a special Billy on the Street segment where they asked random people to show them their boldest and best hypothetical touchdown dances.

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