Ice Cube, It Was a Good Day


It was already a good day, but this holiday confirms that statement. Today is National Good Day Day. From where does NGDD stem? From Ice Cubes hit "It Was a Good Day," of course. According to Wikipedia, comedian Donovan Strain was able to use hints from the lyrics of the song to figure out the exact "good day" Ice Cube was referencing. Say what!? Just take a look at the clues we found on Imgur. Mind blown, amiright? In case you want to take part in the days celebrations, the song lyrics note a handful of funtivities you can do to create your good day. 


Step one: Ice Cube seems to recommend starting your day by getting your grub on —but don't pig out. Step two: The rapper suggests stopping at your friend's house to watch an episode of Yo! MTV Raps. Step three: Make sure to get Fatburger at two in the morning. Step four: Remember to reflect on how grateful you are that you didn't throw up as you got progressively wasted throughout your good day. Since we're stuck at work and can't do any of those things right now, we're going to celebrate the day by staring at these nostalgic GIFs and blasting the music video at our desk on max vol. Who's with us!?



SAME. But like, the mall food court. 

Take a break from whatever boring-ass spreadsheet you're working on right now and turn up this video. 




How will you celebrate National Good Day Day? Tell us in the comments!

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