ESC: Patchwork, Gigi Hadid

KCS Presse / Splash News

It's official! Well, phone official.

Gigi Hadid was spotted walking through Charles de Gaulle airport Tuesday, and while her flying style was certainly notable, it was her phone that caught everyone's attention. It turns out Zayn Malik has quite the sense of humor, as he decided to make himself—we assume—her phone's wallpaper. Then again, she might have totally changed it herself, but we like to think he was a little prankster and surprised her with his face when she wasn't looking.

No matter what she's doing on her phone—responding to a text, making a phone call, checking email, etc.—she'll always have her eyes set on her handsome fella, which we can't blame her for! With his smoldering eyes and chiseled features, who wouldn't want to stare at that face all day?

Even though the pictures are screaming thousands of words, neither Gigi nor Zayn has declared their relationship official. "Gigi and Zayn are spending the special occasion together," a source told E! News last week of the former One Direction member's birthday. "Gigi loves birthdays, so she is happy she can be there to celebrate with him."

Gigi Hadid, Zayn Malik

XactpiX/Splash News

Gigi and Zayn were first spotted out together in November and seemingly have been inseparable ever since. Despite many a public appearances together, neither will say what we want to hear. "Gigi and Zayn have been hanging out more and more lately, but they are not ready to announce to the public that they are an exclusive couple just yet, even though they have made it official between each other," the source exclusively shared with E! News.

"They want to keep their private life as private as they can," the insider added. "They were friends first and it has turned into more of a relationship at this point."

Over the past few months the two have grown closer. Apparently so close, in fact, that she can't travel without him on her phone LOL.

"Gigi thinks Zayn is really edgy, sexy and loves his style. They are very compatible and always have a great time when they hang out. They are not seeing anyone else—just each other," the insider told us. "Gigi thinks Zayn is a great kisser and their energy together is filled with sparks."

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