Oreo, New Flavors

Straight from the Wonder Vault we give you...the new Oreo flavors!

But first: What the heck is the Wonder Vault, you ask? It's basically a top-secret cookie lab where the culinary geniuses over at Oreo sit around and think up awesome stuff for the rest of us to binge on. It's pretty much the invention we've been waiting for.

So now back to today's announcement. Oreo had promised the world that they would be releasing one brand new flavor and one fan favorite, and they didn't disappoint. As of today, shoppers can now chow down on both Cinnamon Bun and Red Velvet flavored cookies. Hallelujah. 

Oreo, New Flavors

But of course, just knowing the names of the new Oreos isn't enough—the public needs to know whether they live up to the hype. First, the red velvet: They're good. Duh. The flavor was released for a limited time almost exactly a year ago, and the new iteration is exactly the same. It's a great standby when you've got a little cream-cheese-frosting-hankering and don't want to whip up any baked goods yourself. But now on to the real test: The cinnamon buns. 

Ever the intrepid reporters, we sacrificed ourselves to try out the cookie so you don't have to. We began our experiment with our noses. The newest flavor smells, in a word, Christmas-y. These things are basically the edible version of a Yankee Candle. If we closed our eyes we could be sitting in a white girl's dream apartment. But whether that's a good thing or a bad thing is up to the taste.

And the taste is...wait for it...fabulous. If you like sickeningly sweet cookies, that is. (But really, why are you eating an Oreo if you don't?). It all starts with the cinnamon-flavored cookie, which is basically like a giant Teddy Graham. Then you hit the cream, which seems to somehow be more, well, cream-like, than the usual fare. Perhaps it's the sugar and spice, perhaps it's the memory of that Yankee Candle getting in the way, but something is different. Good different. 

The final result is almost an enigma—a delicious sugary treat that we thoroughly enjoyed, but would shudder to do a second time around. This is a one-and-done Oreo if there ever was one. But that's what the traditional flavor is for, right?

And now if you'll excuse us, we're off to brush our teeth. 

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