Can't Find Something to Watch on Netflix? This Hack Will Totally Change Your Life

New web extension called "Super Browse" let's your easily search the hidden genre categories

By Jenna Mullins Jan 19, 2016 7:30 PMTags
Netflix PhoneAndrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

It's a scientific fact that when someone says, tweets or even thinks the phrase "the struggle is real," 87 percent of the time they are talking about finding something to watch on Netflix. We've all been there.

You want to watch a comedy, but not an indie comedy. But you definitely want something that will make you feel good, but you don't want a gross-out comedy. And you want a film that has some eye candy. But you also would like to watch something that had some critical acclaim so you know you wouldn't hate the writing or something.

And the only genre you can browse on Netflix to find this unicorn of a movie is "Comedy." And that's just not helpful.

But did you know that Netflix has hundreds and hundreds of secret genres that have super specific descriptions of the exact movie or TV show you're looking for? We're talking genres like "Critically-Acclaimed Dramas Based on Books" or "Deep Sea Horror Movies or "Goofy Teen Coming-of-Age Movies." You don't have to just browse the general "Action Movies" category. You should be able to search the "Exciting Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy from the 1980s" and find exactly what you need.


And there's a very easy way to find these hidden genres on Netflix, which were first discovered by the blog What's On Netflix. Basically, you just tack on the genre number at the end of this URL and you can browse away:

You can use this site for the complete list of categories and their genre numbers, and when we say there are hundreds of them, we're not kidding. So if we want to find all the "Comedies starring Leslie Nielsen" on Netflix (and who doesn't?) then we just add "2359" to the end of that URL and bam! We're on our way to Naked Gun glory.


But wait, there's another lovely hack that can further enhance your Netflix life. A new web extension called Super Browse adds a "Super Browse" button to your Netflix page so you can search through all of the hidden genres without hunting through a giant list of numbers.

Now there's absolutely no reason you shouldn't find the perfect TV show or movie to watch on Netflix, so stop socializing with human beings and get your head in the binging game.