Fast Food, McDonald's Choco-Potato

As if fast food wasn't already a hot, crispy mess, places like McDonald's have been rolling out some insane shiz as of late. Us lucky BB's in the states got mozzarella sticks and mac and cheese, while those in Japan, according to the McDonald's website, just got hit with a potential case of diarrhea the thrill of a lifetime: the McChoco Potato. What is this fantasy French fry we speak of? It's exactly that. A mouthful of the classic McDonald's side, "drizzled with two types of chocolate sauces —chocolate with cacao flavor and white milk chocolate," the website states. On one hand we need to pop a Tums just thinking about this dish. On the other hand, doesn't this treat make you nostalgic for dipping fries in your McFlurry's when you were little? For all of us craving the McChoco Potato in the states, you're welcome for that Americanized menu hack. 

Come to think of it, we were the gross kid who dunked their entire Wendy's chicken nugget into their chocolate Frosty without regret. Maybe this dish doesn't look so bad anymore? Knowing this item is only rolling out in Japan, we got a tad jealous. Instead of waiting around for our favorite fast food restaurants to roll out more nutty menu items, we realized we could create our own fast-food hacks using the secret menus from our favorite junk food joints. With some help from #HackTheMenu, we compiled a list of fast food hacks we all need to try once we get bored of our New Year's diet resolutions. Who's bringing the Pepto!? 

Fast Food, McDonald?s Big McChicken

1. McDonald's Big McChicken. If you want a quick and easy way to become addicted to Tums, this sandwich is your gateway drug. No amount of green juice and SoulCycle can cleanse you of this sin. Encasing meat with more meat, and then actually consuming it, is probably the reason all those toilet paper companies had to start inventing wet wipes. 

Fast Food, KFC Triple Down

2. KFC Triple Down. PEOPLE! What is wrong with y'all? Why do two restaurants have this on their secret menu!? Blasphemy. 

Fast Food, Dairy Queen Frozen Hot Chocolate

3. Dairy Queen Frozen Hot Chocolate. The DQ Hot-Choc-Froz is our personal favorite. We haven't seen this on the menu since we were kids, but we can vouch for the fact that if you request it, they can make it. 

Fast Food, Taco Bell Incredible Hulk Burrito

4. Taco Bell Incredible Hulk Burrito. Now that Chipotle is a sinking ship, this Incredible Hulk Burrito looks like it's best replacement. It looks huge, and we're willing to bet they're not going to charge you extra for that guac. 

Fast Food, In-N-Out Flying Dutchman

5. In-N-Out Flying Dutchman. OH MY GOOD GOD. We want to meet the person who orders meat-on-meat sandwiches. How are you still living a functional life!? 

Fast Food, Wendy?s Meat Cube

6. Wendy's Meat Cube. Ugh. We saved the craziest for last. Is that or is that not SEVEN pieces of meat stacked on top of each other? How is this not illegal? If you've tried this, please comment below and let us know that you're safe and sound. 

Which secret menu hack are you going to try? Tell us in the comments! 

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