Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis' 21-month-old son Otis apparently inherited his parents good looks and their talent!

"He's a little musician," Otis' proud mom gushed to E! News Friday at the premiere of Vinyl in New York City. "He's wonderful. He's great...I'm very lucky."

The 31-year-old actress clearly loves being a mom, but she's not solely focused on life at home. Wilde plays the wife of Bobby Cannavale's character in Vinyl, but she made it clear from the get-go she wasn't signing up to play a one-dimensional secondary role.

"I said to HBO and everyone involved, if you're looking for the long suffering wife who isn't going to develop beyond that, if that's the story you want to tell about a woman who has had her wings clipped, that's not what I'm interested in playing," she said. "I respect that, and I'll watch the show every week, but that's not for me."

But Wilde was quickly assured her character "goes places," and as she told E! News, she can now "understand the depth of someone who finds themselves initially in that position of someone who is frustrated with their loss of identity."

The former House star also discovered her character "is really the only one who can match Richie," aka Cannavale's high-powered character. The co-stars clearly support each other onscreen, but what's the dynamic like off screen? Watch the clip above to find out. Plus, find out the parenting advice Wilde has to offer for Cannavale and Rose Byrne on their baby-to-be.

Vinyl premieres Feb. 14 on HBO.

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