Future Fans Can't Stop Showering Ciara and Russell Wilson's Instagrams With Purple Rain Emojis on Game Day

After the rapper shares new music, his listeners come together

By Mike Vulpo Jan 17, 2016 11:09 PMTags
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It's raining, it's pouring and one fan base is certainly not snoring.

On Saturday afternoon, Future dropped a brand-new mixtape called Purple Reign. While many listeners were delighted to learn the rapper had some new tracks available, some decided to celebrate in a very unique way.

Throughout the weekend, loyal fans of the 32-year-old decided to travel to Ciara and Russell Wilson's Instagrams where they immediately commented on dozens of photos with a "purple rain" emoji.

Whether it was a photo posted from this weekend or from weeks ago, there was no escaping the colorful umbrella.

But if you think the Instagram act was tough, you may just want to know what the Carolina Panthers pulled to the Seattle Seahawks on game day.

Both before and during the NFC divisional playoff game, the Panthers decided to remind the quarterback about his girlfriend's ex.

So how did they do it? How about playing a few of Future's songs on the field?

According to Fox Sports, defensive player Tre Boston even busted out a dance from Future's video for his song "Where Ya At" after a second-quarter sack.

So, did the plan make a difference in the score? While we'll never really know for sure, we do know the Panthers beat the Seahawks 31 to 24.

"Grateful for the opportunity," Russell shared on Twitter after the game. "We will be back. #GoHawks."