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Stephen Falk and the You're the Worst writers have only just begun plotting out season three of their critically beloved comedy, but the creator let a few secrets slip about the next batch of episodes of the FXX series, set to premiere this summer.

Before you get too attached, know that the writer's room has been convened for just two weeks, so some of this is subject to change. But there's enough intel to get you excited about new episodes as you begin your fifth rematch of the show.

"So far in the room I have the record of the most free throws in our little Nerf hoop. Six," joked Falk to a room full of reporters at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. "We just started two weeks ago and we just finished yesterday arcing out the entire season for all four characters, so we have a very complex chart on the board."

Adds Falk, "I don't really know if all shows do it like that, but we like to make sure we're telling one cohesive story each season. We're going to see a continuum from season two...We're trying hard not to top this season in terms of some issue that we're dealing with like we did with depression. I think it's a very seductive idea, but it would feel like we're trying too hard."

What we will see is the aftermath of Gretchen's (Aya Cash) battle with depression, and the effect it will have on Jimmy (Chris Geere) and the rest of the gang. "We're just continuing with the fallout from last season, always moving the characters forward," Falk said. "And maybe some of them will fall. We're see. I'm not trying to be cagey, but we don't know everything yet."

Here's what else you need to know about what's next:

It'll Pick Up Where We Left Off: "Right now we will start season three literally right after that scene [where Gretchen tells Jimmy she loves him]. I think time jumps are useful for certain shows, but it feels like a later season thing when you want to mix stuff up. …We thought it would be interesting to start with 'I love you' and literally see what happens when they walk back into the house."

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More Sunday Funday! "For us to do it again we'll have to think of something that doesn't try to top that but makes sense, if we have the right idea. I think we have the right idea already so a tentative yes."

Lindsay and Paul Are Back Together: At the end of season two, a pregnant Lindsay (Kether Donohue) and her estranged husband, Paul (Allan McLeod), rode off on his motorbike together. But will their reconciliation last? "I think it was important for her to have some growth, as minor as it was," Falk said. "We're going to start from that moment of regret and see what choices the newly enlightened Lindsay will make now that she has her lumpy hubby back."

Could There Be Singing and Dancing? Donohue is set to costar in Fox's Grease: Live at the end of the month, and she's already sung a few times on YTW. But could we see dancing too? "She's super in the moment and so whatever she's doing is very transformative for her," explained Falk. And while he hasn't yet planned any song-and-dance numbers, it could happen. "I can't help but think it won't have some spillover into the show just by sheer force of her constantly asking me if she can sing and dance."

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