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Caitlyn Jenner is opening up for the first time about Ricky Gervais' Golden Globes diss.

During his opening monologue at the 2016 Golden Globes on Sunday, Ricky made some pretty controversial comments about Caitlyn and now the 66-year-old I Am Cait star is responding to his diss.

"I think what I'm gonna do is call the Golden Globes, and see if they need a new host for next year, and we'll solve that problem," Caitlyn said when asked about Ricky's comments at the 2016 TCA Winter Press Tour.

Watch out Ricky, you might be out of a hosting job!

Caitlyn also opened up about her family, fitness, politics and I Am Cait on Thursday. Take a look at everything we learned about the E! star during her TCA:

1. She Believes the Most Important Thing I Am Cait Season One Did Was to Open Up the Conversation "That It's OK to Talk About Trans Issues:"

When asked what she's done right Caitlyn revealed, "I talked to all the girls after season one and I ask em, what did we accomplish in our first season? And I really felt like we opened up this conversation that it's OK to talk about trans issues. Every day of my life since I came out, someone comes up to me and says ‘I have a trans cousin, I have a relative.' All of a sudden it's OK to talk about this issue. That was probably the most important thing we did in season one."

Caitlyn also explained, "And yes, we opened up the conversation but there are so many issues to talk about in this community and that's what season two is about. We wanted to go out and meet the people."

2. She Doesn't Want to Talk "Too Much" About Politics:

When asked why she doesn't just "support the party that supports women and women's rights" Caitlyn responded that she didn't "want to talk too much about politics."

Caitlyn then went on to say, "But it's kind of good, isn't it? If the republicans haven't been very good on this issue, and certainly the Democrats have been better, isn't it better that they have an ally and someone on their team who can go in and talk to them? We have our fingers crossed that we can win them over."

3. She Calls Journalists After They Write Articles About Her:

When asked about how she handles the criticism Caitlyn revealed, "Yes, there's criticism out there. I am not a spokesperson for this community. I am only a spokesperson for me and my story. I have so much to learn about my condition and me. As far as all the criticism, yes I do see it, it is tough. I'm very famous for calling people who write articles, calling them after it's over afterward. My reaction to them is to say to them, ‘You know I think you had some really legitimate arguments in your article. My only criticism of it is you don't know me. You never talked to me. You don't know the type of person that I am. So I'd like to talk to you, and get to know each other.'"

4. She Wants to Change People's Thinking:

When asked what message she wants people to take away from her and I Am Cait, Caitlyn explained that she wants to change people's thinking.

"I want to change people's thinking on this issue," Caitlyn revealed. "I am with the greatest group of women that you could possibly be with. These are smart, intelligent people and they need to be represented positively out there. It's very easy for reporters to report on the negative. There are a lot of very serious issues out there. With the show, I want people to know that this is an issue that is global, it is all over the world. I would love to take this show global. I want to see what trans issues are all over the world. I met with our UN ambassador and spent two hours with her to see what trans issues are around the world. There are 93 countries around the world where if  you are anywhere on the L, the G the B or the T, it is a criminal offense, you can be put in jail, you can be executed."

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Caitlyn Jenner, TCA

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5. She's Always Wanted I Am Cait to "Be About the Issues:"

When asked if she struggled with the direction of the show, Caitlyn explained, "It was a conscious decision that I wanted this show to be about the issues. Sure, we all love good clothes and all that stuff, but I really wanted the people to get to know all of my girls, everybody who's involved in the show. I love my kids. I have a great relationship with all my children, but this is a different show this is about a serious issue. I somewhat wanted to keep that distance, although Kris (Jenner) has been on the show. One of the reasons I wanted to be on E! is that on top of everyone being so good to me, which they have been, I could show up to events like birthday parties and it's not like they have to hide me. I can be on the network."

6. She Thinks She Should "Stay Away" From Starbucks:

When asked how she looks so good Caitlyn replied, "Eat your Wheaties.  [laughs] I don't really exercise like I used to. I go for morning walks on the mountain trails on Malibu, I try to eat properly and I just should stay away from the Starbucks a little bit more."

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7. Her "Rolodex Has Tripled" Since Coming Out:

When asked about coming out publicly Caitlyn explained, "I really had no choice. I was getting destroyed in the tabloids for years. I had to address it at some point. And doing it with these girls has been absolutely great. As far as friends, I still have all my old friends. My Rolodex has tripled. Over the last nine months, it has tripled. Almost my entire life I never really liked going out, I never really felt like I fit in anywhere. Always kind of a loner. Now after transitioning I actually really enjoy going out I have so many fun things to do. I've gotten past the tough part in the beginning and now it's a lot fun."

8. Her Advice to Young Girls is to "Enjoy Life:"

When asked if she had advice for her younger self Caitlyn said, "I think it's really an interesting question. I first had my little Kendall (Jenner) and Kylie (Jenner) sit down. And they were asked, when did you know you were a girl? And they all kind of looked like you just looked. And they both said, ‘I don't know nobody's ever asked me that question.' They're thinking about this question. After a minute or so, I thought to myself, that was probably one of the most interesting questions anybody could have asked. That was probably the first time they thought about gender and who they are as a person. Not about sexuality but who you are, as a girl. I tried to explain to them that that goes through a trans person's mind 24 hours a day. You can't take two aspirin and you're fine. That's something that goes through all of our minds every day."

Caitlyn went on to say, "My advice to young girls is to just enjoy life, enjoy being a trans man…if the question is when did I know I was a boy that's a whole other set of questions. I take 50 selfies a day with primarily young women and young boys. The next group of people coming up really have a different perspective."

9. Fame Isn't Something She's Seeking:

When asked if she ever imagines a time where she would live less in the public eye can't explained that she's "never seeked fame."

"The thing I struggled with my whole life was finding inner peace," Caitlyn explained. "I had long talks about how I can do this and do it properly with my PR firm and everybody, I knew I had to do it publicly. So it was, ‘How can we take this issue out of the gutter and put it up here?' [motions up high] Diane Sawyer, up here. I owe her so much. She set the tone for what I was going to do. Vanity Fair, same thing. Classy magazine. Annie Liebowitz, same. And then I did a little thing on Ellen, but then after,that I have done no media. It might not seem that way but I really haven't. The platform is not for me, it is for this community, it's for everybody up here, it's for everybody across the United States. And if my celebrity helps that, and can help the next generation, baby, I'm all in. I've seen nothing but love. People every day come up and thank me. I have been very very blessed but I know it's not that way for so many people in the community."

Watch I Am Cait season two this March on E!

—Reporting by Kristin Dos Santos

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